Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Rand Paul strikes a chord with Essay on Ferguson – Reaching Across the Demographic Divide.

Dubbed a “very different Republican” by the Los Angeles Times, Kentucky Governor, Rand Paul has managed the unthinkable – an acknowledgement that perhaps, just perhaps, not all Republican’s might be painted with the same media tar brush.(LA Times). The Times might have been an anomaly, however, the confirmation that Paul is not your average “label”, came from NBC News in a piece on Paul suggesting that he “may be changing the way Republican’s talk about race”. (NBC News)

Both of the above referenced articles are in response to an op-ed Paul wrote in Time Magazine, entitled “We must Demilitarize the Police. The sentiment for anyone who is connected to any social media website crosses “Friends” or followers demographics, from the left to the right, to the millennial to the seniors, a growing distrust of police armed to the teeth with tanks and grenades able to bust into one’s home, shoot the family dog, and be justified. It is a growing trend uniting previously political opposites. It is not the first issue of that ilk that Paul has reached out to the public and received support from so varied a populace. He is fast becoming every American’s politician – for now.

Those who would be the purists, from both sides, that would rather see division that a nation united under the leadership of one who would do as Paul does daily, the solid left, the solid right, who refuse to bend even if there is agreement. One would think they were a huge majority, yet, in reality they are merely the loudest minority. The average Joe and Jill are content reaching across the aisle, and Paul might be the perfect, demographic crossing leader that the nation has been seeking for decades or more.

That said, once the DNC finds its perfect candidate (i.e. a female, any female), and the RNC does the same (a solid middle of the road Republican), that same media will, unless hell freezes over, eviscerate Paul at every step. Then again, hell may freeze over and reporting may take a tone of reality rather than opinion.

For now, watching the growth of Paul, with his Jeffersonian-Republican manners, is truly invigorating for those who aspire to see the nation grow, both economically and in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. It has been a long time coming.

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