Monday, August 18, 2014

2016 Looking forward - GOP and DNC options

2016 Looking forward - GOP and DNC options

The New York Times article: “Taking Account of the Republican Presidential Contenders”, reminds that fortunes wax and wane years in advance of the general election. They cite Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as the most visible now, with Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush not so much. Also included in the “not yet announced and may never announce” category are Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Jindal and Ohio’s Kasich, with maybe, cannot and this or that “scandal” attached.. Although it is early in terms of announcements, it is time for positioning, as the 2014 midterms will be over in November, putting ground troops, and donors’ in line, is critical for anyone who is seriously considering a run at the Presidency.

Paul, who is, according to the times, and most other media sources, most likely to run, has received favorable reviews, from both conservatives and those who lean left, note an editorial in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle in which the author outlines why the U.S. needs Rand Paul as President.

First, no matter who is in the field, from either major party, must be prepared to not only bat cleanup – but to take the heat when the nation does not transform overnight – it may take years for the jobs to return, and the legislation from Congress, the Senate and the future Oval office to correct or repeal laws that are hindering the nation’s growth. Therefore, it will take a determined and dedicated individual to actually put life, fortune and family before the very fickle people of the country. Running for the Presidency take’s fortitude and dedication, regardless of whether or not one feels a candidate is appropriate or not.

Counting out candidates due to “scandals” or other baggage (as in previously ran – i.e. Mitt Romney), is a bit disingenuous. Makeovers are so complete and comprehensive in today’s 24/7 news cycle and a short-attention-span electorate that almost anything is possible. (Although improbable in some cases, again Mitt Romney, and the evangelicals – although some would be on boards, millions would not due to the man’s religion, which most feel is a “cult”; therefore, they say out the last election. (Therein is the reason that Mitt Romney did not win the office. – the politicalization of the evangelical church.)

Two that are likely and able to connect with a broader audience, regardless of parentage or slander, are Perry of Texas and Paul of Kentucky on the GOP side. Either would do. The Democrats Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren, not yet announced, Hillary is a “given” and Warren, is not. There is also the Governor of Maryland, who would be considering a run at the office. There may be others, but at the moment, these are the three most likely.

Where we are now is in the arena of speculation, and until such time as intents are made known, that is all the media, or any pundit, truly has.

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