Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rank Paul to San Francisco!

From SF Gate: Kentucky Senator and, as of yet, unannounced 2016 Presidential Candidate, will be attending a “conservatarian” conference as the “star speaker”. Paul, who also was received with open arms at Berkley of all places, will be in Nancy Pelosi’s, much gerrymandered district, of one City, speaking with individuals who are like-minded.

San Francisco is also the home to John Dennis, Libertarian, and GOP candidate for Ms. Pelosi’s long-held seat. Paul has endorsed Dennis. Two remarkable events are occurring: one where a GOP potential candidate sets foot on Democrat hallowed ground, and two that there are like minded-individuals there to greet him. Consider the possibility of having someone who a)is a leader and b) talks to and works with all sides of the aisle, and sides within their own party – one would have a working government!

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Johndennisforcongress – against Nancy Pelosi

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