Monday, July 28, 2014

Massachusetts Protests Illegal Immigration – Rallies around the Commonwealth. Nationwide the situation does not bode well for the Democrats in 2014 and 2016

This weekend there were several rallies around the Commonwealth in opposition to the Governors’ acceptance of housing illegal immigrant children from Central America. On large protest was in Boston, at the capital, the video is available below or at YouTube.

A another smaller one was held in the pouring rain in Chicopee, MA (one of the proposed communities to house at a military base.) The photo’s from the Chicopee Police Department (in attendance) are posted to their Facebook page, the video is available here on Youtube. Notice the reference to the “peaceful demonstration” which all citizen protests of this nature generally are – peaceful.

There is no wonder, with a host of MA residents from all political parties objecting strongly to the housing of these children here, and placing the blame squarely on the administration and the Democrat Party, that the President’s poll numbers are in the tank and the latest CNN poll suggests Mitt Romney would win today.

In addition, the White House is spreading rumors that he is about to be impeached! although a white House aide, cannot name who might impeach him. The rumors are twofold - (and several people, both in and out of government are calling for his impeachment), one it’s a grand fundraiser and two it may garner the same sympathy for Obama and it did for Clinton (that is also a gross miscalculation). The leadership in the house and Senate (GOP) would not, if they have not completely lost their minds, and one doubts that, they would impeach or attempt to impeach this President. The reason is simple; he is the largest tool the GOP has for winning the next two elections in, what can only be believed as a landslide.

That brings up the lack of Democrat candidates for the corner office, or those credible enough to run, and those most likely to do so, will be swimming against a tsunami, let alone a tide. This issue has brought to bear the normal 11 o’clock news voter to dig a little bit deeper to find out what else may have gone wrong lately. A side note: It is not that all Democrats that are onboard with the Administrations handling and intention for these “children” (in quotes as majority are over 15 and potential gang members), not so. One former Mayor of Chicopee, MA who this bloggers hopes will run for higher office, has suggested that the California site: Camp Pendleton be used as a facility to host all border crossers until they would be able to be deported or united with facility members – suggesting that it held over 50,000 refugees during the Viet Nam War. He also has called for calm and he believes that the administration cannot move the “children” to Massachusetts unless congress authorizes them to do so. Yes, Virginia, there are fiscally conservative, human and centrist liberals in Massachusetts.

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