Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Recipe for Electoral Disaster – American’s go deeper in debt, while Illegal Immigration and giveaways are front and center.

Photographs of children entered illegally and housed in the U.S - Houston Chronicle, Breitbart TX

It would be easy enough for individuals in the United States, fully employed with a robust middle-class and actual opportunities for all current U.S. citizens to welcome the thousands of immigrants pouring over the border; however that is simply not the case. With citizens going deeper into debt and a full 35% of those facing debt collectors(ABC News), with a constant drumbeat about compassion for children it is becoming increasingly difficult to accept the “party line”. The news articles such as photographs in the Houston Chronicle on a story regarding boarder militias, include scores of photographs depicting rooms crammed with what can only be seen as young adults, men, and pregnant women, with few “children” included, only fuel the anger. (Houston Chronicle)

Additional Houston Chronicle-Brietbart Photographs

When seniors are finding their medications either unavailable or priced through the roof, as no longer covered, the blame is being placed on the Administrations programs, when taxes and fees suddenly rise, it is not without a bit of angst that those who voted and supported their politician’s are now shopping. Much of the media is singing praises, while those listening are tuning out and wondering how much of what is left of their salaries is being sent to support individuals who will, in all likelihood, never contribute to the American tax pot.

The only way to end this side show and do it correctly, is to immediately surround the border with national guards that would, when someone crosses, refuse entry. Throw the ball in Mexico’s court. The general story line is that these youngsters are fleeing gangs and violence in their own country; yet, U.S. readers understand that there are plenty of gangs in this county. One only needs to read the death tolls in cities small and large to understand that those coming are not fleeing but possibly joining in the melees that are turning their cities into war zones.

Meanwhile the nations of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, cast blame on the U.S. as the problem, being such drug addicts. That would be the truth if, for example, there was not the push to legalize marijuana, or the fact that drugs can be manufactured right here, illegally, in the U.S. Would these nations have strict drug sentencing laws, it would not matter if there was a demand, it would irradiate their own problems, The answer is suggested to be more “funds” sent south. One might want to withhold their funds, until such time as there are guidelines in place to combat gangs in their own nations. It is extremely popular to blame American first, and then hold out one’s hands for more taxpayers’ funds, however, that is growing older by the second.

Where will the backlash be? One can understand that in the election in November there will be changes coming to Washington, however, it won’t be a moment too soon. Those in power currently, suggesting all is well with the U.S. when it is clearly financially on the edge, are potentially risking more than an election. Impeachment is bandied about, but by the Democrats to raise funds for their elections. Rather than work towards shutting down the border and yes, deporting those who have stepped foot across without clear legal claims, this mess will continue to haunt those that perpetuate this, not for one election cycle, but potentially for decades.

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