Monday, June 16, 2014

The New Yorker on David Brat – and the 99% comparison to Elizabeth Warren

Oddly enough, the New Yorker’s take on David Brat (R) upset over Eric Cantor (R) in the VA primary, is spot on, while missing a greater point. They compare the economics professors abhorrence of crony capitalism to the Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 99% Occupy Movement. The major difference in this analogy is that regardless of how one paints the Conservative – the one thing that they are dead set against is corporate welfare – those Billionaires are just fine, unless they are taking dollars from the government. On Warren, the billionaires are fine as long as they are being taxed, and most liberals don’t understand that the government subsidizes corporations.

The story, otherwise is worth the read (Read full story here) as it touches on the angst of those who have been railing against government bailouts pre-Obama – or, in simple terms-where the Tea Party originated.

Perhaps understated is the relationship between the Libertarian and the Republican’s as a whole – the key that they have conservative values, underscores the difference between free market peoples who do not consider the Chamber of Commerce, or business as needing assistance from the government.

If there was less of a penchant by the media to portray every free market Republican (Libertarian) as a “Tea Party” member, and or out-of-touch, perhaps they may want to reconsider the message and cease paining all with a rather larger brush.

However, that may not fit into the overall scheme of things – as when the general public listens to one of those Free Market politicians who are merely stating the obvious –they tend to vote, and as it was noted in the article by the New Yorker – to cross party lines in droves to do so. They also most likely will vote their conscience not their political party – rather than a Warren who will vote strict party line-similar to Obama.

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