Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paul Rand (KY) – No to Troops in Iraq – the Right Direction

Taking the higher road, Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky and potential 2016 Presidential Candidate, suggested it would be a mistake for the US to send troops, once again, into Iraq. US News carried the report this morning (available here) on Paul’s statement.

Paul is correct in this opinion as timing is everything and the reduction in forces to a bare minimum in Iraq with instability a key in the region, was, to say the least, naive. The problem began with the initial incursion that may have set the stage for a later coup in Iran, but failed with time and changes in U.S. administrations. With the lack of foresight on the part of the Bush administration, or contingent plans in the event of a drawn out process both politically and in theater – the most beneficial move would have been to strike and leave once proof or no of WMD’s was ascertained.

The problems of the Middle East, oil notwithstanding, would have made George Washington suggest a 300 year moratorium on any type of intervention on the part of the U.S. With an abundance of well-intentioned mistakes of eons, including members of both of today’s political parties, it would behoove the next administration to take a more Washingtonian stance.

In summary – George W. Bush started the problem, Barack Obama has compounded the problem, and Paul’s stance regarding deployment or no is given not without some thought, be it “popular” or not –a refreshing change of pace.

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