Monday, May 12, 2014

Rand Paul Op-Ed NY Times on Drone Use – Now Leads Hillary in Yet Another State Poll

Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky, wrote a piece in the New York Times entitled “Show Us the Drone Memo’s – in response to the nomination of David J. Barron, to the 1st Circuit. It was Paul’s usual pointed style, and the 100 comments with an op-ed piece are rather interesting, as it appears that Senator Paul is able to draw approval for his viewpoints from both sides – of course, depending on the issue. That said, petty partisanship aside, there are no other candidates from either major Party that can do the same. Paul’s receiving hits from within his own Party – specifically the Rick Santorum side – Santorum, who ran a second in the 2012, anyone but Mitt Romney, Republican primary, thinks a second and successful run at the gold ring is possible – yet, he is mistaken. Should he actually succeed in getting to Iowa and NH, where a close finish is necessary – he will face stiff opposition from the GOP – where he might find say, Jeb Bush, (i.e. the next Mitt Romney) in the pack of players.

Those supporters, it should be said, of any GOP candidate, specifically one who is tied to social issues, tend not to support any candidacy of anyone but the individual who they prefer.

Which, Jeb Bush would have a hard time, on several fronts, should the GOP foist yet another anointed one on the party itself and those who tend to vote Republican.

Consider that Paul is leading the so called pack, in a best of show against Hillary Clinton in the latest state of the state battleground polling (People’s Punditry). The entire poll results are here at in PDF. Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas separates in 2nd by a hair, yet, Bush and the balance are in the back of the pack. There are far too many unsures, yet, this early trend in Paul’s approach to winning polls (both straw and pollster) are surely interesting and point to someone who can run and, at this point, best the current Democrat leader – or the sole Democrat leader. One would think that if they pushed a few other names, Biden for example, and Warren, that Senator Paul, as well as the balance of the GOP field, would fare better.

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