Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On Benghazi and Boko Harem - Making Excuses by Pillorying Hillary Clinton – to what end?

A Politico article, (here)entitled: “The Boko Haram-Benghazi Link”suggests the premise of the article is a rebuttal to Allen West, the Tea Party Republican who is more than likely to hammer Obama for a host of issues, including the Benghazi Scandal. However, this piece was written to excuse Obama and the administrations culpability in both instances (standing down while letting embassy personnel die and refusing to acknowledge the Boko Haram as terrorist) by laying it squarely on the lap of the Clinton State Department. Sprinkled in amongst the rubbish, was a bit of the bad Republicans continuing to investigate a problem with Benghazi that simply did not exist, because it was part of the Obama administrations abhorrence of getting involved in too many conflicts (feint), and besides it all leads back to the State Department.

Of course, when one is possibly going to make a run at a higher office, say Hillary Clinton, there is nothing more assuring than a little help from one’s friends in the media. Therefore, one would think by dropping seeds that can be used by the opposition and planted at a later date, the Politico team is setting the stage for the anti-Hillary. The question remains – “which woman will the Democrats run instead?” – Look to Massachusetts for the answer. If the Democrats thought, however, that Hillary Clinton maybe a bit of a burden to bear, they may be having second thoughts after 2016. Will Hillary run? It appears less likely by the day. Watch for continued glowing coverage of the Harvard Professor turned Senator, Elizabeth Warren.

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