Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Washington Post Reports Rand Paul Jest re: Fencing Off Massachusetts – Elite Lack sense of Humor grounded in Truth – Why MA is largely ignored in General Elections

An piece in the Washington Post – entitled “In the Loop” reported that Rand Paul jested about fencing off Massachusetts from New Hampshire whilst Paul was in the Live Free or Die state (Washington Post).

Also noted in the same article is the fact that former MA senator, Scott Brown recently announced his intent to run for the Senate in New Hampshire, where he now resides.

Massachusetts has lost a good deal of its population to New Hampshire in recent years, a rather snarky article from the Concord Monitor regarding the differences between the two states from 2013, suggested that Massachusetts residents move to New Hampshire for a better life. Also that they would never have a Senator that posed nude for Cosmopolitan (as a difference), which, may in the long run, come back to haunt those writers. It is all in good fun, this back and forth between two states, in some respects, however, the loss of population to the northern neighbor, most likely resulted in the loss of a congressional seat for Massachusetts in 2011-2012 - People flee Massachusetts for a less – taxing time.

New Hampshire reacts to the tax state (MA) by suggesting that excessive taxes in Massachusetts should stay in Massachusetts –and that from a State, thanks to those refugees from Boston, that now sports a Democrat Governor.

Naturally, Rand Paul (R-KY) is a lightning rod for the left and the right – given his current “front-runner” standing in the pre-presidential candidate sweepstakes. The Wall Street Journal, which is most likely to support a Bush (inside the beltway) candidacy, opines that should Rand Paul be the nominee, the White House will remain shuttered to Republicans. Of course, that’s opinion, however, not opinion laced with reality.

One would hope that as Senator Paul is keen on going where Republican’s don’t normally tread, he might rally in Massachusetts should he campaign in earnest in 2015-2016. He might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Bay State is chock full of colleges, as well as sporting an electorate that is 50% unenrolled (meaning independent), and Republicans, such as they are, refer (in low voices) to themselves as “Jeffersonian Republicans” which is code for “Libertarian”.

Of course, it’s difficult to shake of the mantle of “Bluest State”, one where State House speakers are most likely to retire to Federal Prison, and the dead rise in record numbers each election cycle, which may be why no-one really bothers to campaign in Massachusetts in a general election – even Mitt Romney barely set foot in the state he once governed. Yet, those who are contemplating a run, perhaps could find it in their hearts to give those long-suffering Massachusetts “unenrolled”, “Jeffersonian Republicans, and straight up Libertarians a break this time and grace us with a visit or two. Although the fence might dissuade them from dropping in, some in the Bay State still maintain a sense of humor!

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