Monday, April 14, 2014

Harry Reid (D-NV) – Meets the Resistance – BLM (Bureau of Land Management) vs. The Ranchers - Ranchers 1 – Federal Government – 0

Although news reports of the standoff at the Nevada ranch, owned by one Clive Bundy, vary, yet suggest that Bundy “won” the range war with the Federal Rangers (i.e. Bureau of Land Management). ABC News. The snapshot: Bundy’s family had been don that ranch for generation – the Federal government stepped in when a certain tortuous was found to be in danger of extinction. However, once the government had the land, that managing the land with the tortoise, suggested there was no way to handle them, and abruptly killed the tortoises. That should have been the end of it, as the BLM no longer had an excuse to hold these lands as Federal. Bundy refused to pay grazing fees in this instance, yet continues to pay Nevada and County taxes. It was odd that given the fact that there was no longer any need for the Federal Government to be on the land extracting grazing fees from Bundy as well as the other ranchers, yet they continued to persist.

Then a story broke, and make front page of the Drudge Report News Aggregator. This after there was a standoff of sorts between 200 federal bureau of land management employees (note: NOAA is also armed to the teeth, among other Federal Agencies that have no need of firearms.) and thousands of militia and ranchers who came to Bundy’s defense under a States’ rights banner (10th amendment to the U.S. Constitution – the pesky document that keeps getting in the way of the current Federal Administration.

The story, complete with emails implicating Harry Reid, broke on infowars, three hours later the Feds were pulling back. Call it coincidence, or call it covering the butt of Harry Reid – who apparently, in collusion with the Chinese Government was helping to “grab lands” in order to build some green energy ventured. Who was to benefit from this land grab? Harry’s son. – Reed the full text here at infowars, including emails.

So it’s no surprise that the MSM, including Fox News, neglected to take the bigger story (Reid, breaking all sorts of rules, ethical and criminal), and bury it.

Also of no surprise is that, in order to shut this down quickly – the rancher’s cows were returned and all was going back to business as usual, charges dropped except – now the Feds, who are greedy, and figure it’s no longer front page news, (as in ABC, CBS, and the like) are going back after Bundy again – (see Infowars)

Herein lays the problem, there are multiple other land grabs taking place by the federal government across the nation – and there is a rising sentiment among those identified as Militia (or right-wing) consisting of ranchers, farmers, former military, that the Government has no right to trample on the properties of regular Jo Citizen – it is after all, in the Constitution.

One might suggest should another of these incidences occur, those groups – From Massachusetts to California, will mobilize and the result may end up proving somewhat difficult to control.

Perhaps, though, the larger story is why there is not one bit of suggestion that Senator Reid should be investigated? Those that love power, no matter which side of the aisle, apparently intends to keep it. What better way than to ignore any criminal act, and let sleeping dogs lay.

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