Monday, February 24, 2014

The Left Give and Takes as Baldwin and Morgan bow out of the Limelight – the rise of the American Revolution against the “Ruling Class”

Not normally one to pay much heed to what takes place in the working day to day drama that is “celebrity” (with the exception of allegedly “rock star” politicians), it is interesting to note two individuals who have experienced both the largesse of the celebrity lifestyle and the lows of the same.

The first is Alex Baldwin, more infamous than famous one might think, but interestingly enough, Baldwin, who is noted as “left-wing” – was bitten by the very individuals who held him in esteem, over what one might think was politically incorrect, he sums it up in his “goodbye to public life”. Apparently he has no use now for the “media” ( The other is Piers Morgan who realized that his views and the views of the U.S. public, as well as the delivery at CNN, were not in harmony, so he’s leaving the network. (NYTimes).

Both men were speaking about ratings, however, it is the left of center that simply does not sell, not in any considerable volume and the general public takes the opportunity to walk away from one mindset for another –the point being that there are choices and U.S. citizens will make those choices, not being fond of what might, in another time, be considered propaganda.

Speaking to the heart of this, is an article in USA today regarding American’s Rising up Against the Government, written by a University of Tennessee Law professor – he begins the article in with the stunning: “America's ruling class has been experiencing more pushback than usual lately. It just might be a harbinger of things to come.”, and the article went downhill from there. – Speaking to the inability of the bureaucracy to implement laws that the general public may not care for..

First, the ruling class of which he speaks is the government, and by extension, those in the media who are in the back pocket of the same. The American’s take out their frustrations not in the general sense of an uprising, but while exercising their rights in this Republic, by voicing their opinion, voting for the opposition, and turning to another news program or opinion program at a competitive network.

What Alec Baldwin may or may not have realized, (given the article it appears anger, and bitterness over the media and the liberals whom he felt have abandoned him) is that he is now in a position to understand the extreme’s of those who live for regulation, rather than for liberty. The professor who abhors the exercise of liberty has established that there is a ruling class (liberal), and that those that don’t subscribe to the loss of liberty by this ruling class, are undertaking a revolution.

It is not so much a revolution but a rejection of the very same nonsense that is big-overreach-government, which is drawing more individuals to the Jeffersonian Republican outlook (i.e. Libertarian). They mistake the exercise of the right under the Constitution as somehow criminal and the fact that they belief there is a ruling class in this nation, makes them even more gullible, pitiable. There are those who may believe they rule, however, given they are citizens elected by a body of citizens, it is simply not the case. Elections are won and lost, parties with power are also been known to crumble from within and reform as time and history dictates, and power is won and lost – all within the boundaries of the Constitution which is the only rule that applies.

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