Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MSNBC – Run Elizabeth Warren, Run! On her very Popular Policies

Krystal Ballover at MSNBC lays out the case for why she feels Elizabeth Warren, brand new Senator from Massachusetts, should run for the Presidency on the Progressive Democrat ticket:

This view is puzzling because Warren and her policies are quite popular.

For starters, she is a strong backer of lifting the minimum wage which is massively popular across the ideological spectrum.

And Warren’s supposedly radical idea that we should expand Social Security by more accurately calculating the cost of living is also very popular. The National Academy of Social Insurance found that 7 in 10 Americans preferred expanding Social Security and paying for it by lifting the income cap to our current system.

But Warren has really made her name by fearlessly challenging banks and trying to reign in their predatory practices. Here again, she’s got the public’s backing with 68% of Americans believing that banks are hurting the country. On the issue of inequality, to me the central issue facing our nation, voters overwhelmingly believe inequality is growing and that the government should do something about it. So, if Warren’s a radical leftist, well I guess much of the country is as well.

The real problem is not that Warren is too left, it’s that we’ve allowed our politics and what is considered the “center” in our politics to be pulled farther right. That’s no accident. A lot of money has gone into convincing us that the moderate, centrist responsible thing to do is to lower corporate taxes, cut social security and basically let banks do whatever the hell they want. So yeah, Warren might be too liberal for the donor class, and Bill O’Reilly might want you to think that she’s too liberal for America, but America overwhelmingly disagrees. It is long past time for a course correction.

That doesn’t mean Warren can’t fundraise. In fact, she raised more in her Senate race than any other congressional candidate in the country. It turns out that there are a lot of folks who’d be willing to make a small investment in some actual people-powered, unbought democracy.

Although Ms. Ball finds that one might think Warren is too far left (seriously), all of her policies are wildly popular – the question remains, with whom? – Generally, the minimum wage is popular among a segment of the society that believes all things should be equal –and that tacking on the price of a raise to the customer is not an issue, nor the burden the small employer – go figure. – Who needs jobs and affordable groceries/fast food anyhow?

Inequality in voting does not keep most American’s up at night –there is an old history book, circa 1860, that offers an overview on the duty to vote: Once, in one place, and as a citizen, one got a ticket to vote – granted women were not given that ticket – times have marched on but the principals are the same.

Yes, the banks, we can all agree we’d love to have more in them, but, stretching the hard earned money of those still employed in order to put money into savings is becoming more difficult.

Had she said, nice old lady, a professor, looks like a grandmother, who can’t trust their grandmother – and she’s feisty, a carpetbagger from Oklahoma who suggested she had some Cherokee blood in her veins (the tribe hotly denies), in order to get tenure at Harvard. – So smart, and not above a bit of larceny.

Presidential Material – absolutely, especially if one is one the left –watch for a Warren center-right makeover and that will be the writing on the wall.

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