Tuesday, January 28, 2014

S.C. Tea Party – Organizes Precincts – The Beginning of the New Party.

Flipping through the dials, I happened upon a C-Span program – the S.C. Tea Party Convention - video here at C-Span, and decided to watch – what I learned was rather astounding. The main gist was as follows – The Tea Party, not unlike the New York party that held influence and reinvented the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln See Graphics hereat Learnnc.org., was promised by the current Republican party that they would indeed welcome them, and made promise of a Constitutional nature, that were soon dismissed (as soon as they were back in the beltway).

Apparently, what they did not understand, and perhaps still do not understand is the power behind the Party that began by being disgusted with the Republicans under George Bush (TARP specifically) and those same policies under the Democrats. The Tea Party, therefore is neither Republican nor Democrat, but a separate, states’ rights, constitutional political party. In South Caroline, they are literally organizing by precinct. Good.

The first order on the agenda appears to be to get individuals on the ballot not as Republican’s, but independents, who will challenge incumbents. It is apparent the Tea Party leaders have been watching the political landscape and do understand that those two brands, despite the money and the perceived power, are on shaky ground with the general electorate. As more voters identify themselves with neither party, the more the Tea Party stands to gain. Lindsey Graham will face a challenger, and one can bet the house, 2014 will see a Tea Party individual in the race.

They appear more savvy than one might imaging, and as historically, it is part time to form new political parties with some clout, the timing is perfect.

Some articles worth reading:

The Greeley Gazette Gen. Vallely unveils liberal’s worst nightmare: united tea party

The Charlotte Observer On the Tea Party holding the Convention.

There is not much solid reporting on the subject, but suffice it to say, one might find they have more sympathizers than most often believed.

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