Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Foreseeable Shift In Senate Power – Rand Paul – 2016 – Ted Cruz – Majority Speaker – Opinion

2014 should see a shift in power in both the House and the Senate, given 2013 local races and the anti-incumbency that drove incumbents out of office. Politico lists the 12 most vulnerable Democrat Seats here, and they are not far off the mark, figure 8 of the 12 are in any serious jeopardy. On both sides, the Progressive and Tea Party Factions will be pushing candidates that will in based on the aforementioned angst of the voter against anything Washington – throwing the baby out with the bathwater in some cases.

Although 2014 options are on the table – one who is suggested to run for the Presidency – but does not seem to be avidly pushing that front – is one Ted Cruz – he’s fighting in the trenches, and appears more concerned about being the point man for the base – against the Democrats – specifically the President and Harry Reid. CBS’s Bob Schieffer attempted to corner him this weekend, and failed – the transcript here is telling, in that Cruz shifts from a Presidential run to his usual for the people – which given the shift in power that is likely, Cruz would be a perfect replacement for Harry Reid. – One would have to have the support of one’s peers, however, once the primary dust settles, that may not be a problem on the GOP side.

As to 2016, Rand Paul (R-KY) is the most probable candidate to run at this point, and has been telling it like it is –most notably pointing out some disturbing facts about the alleged War on Women – going so far, The Daily News reports, as to suggest Bill Clinton’s relationship with a young intern was – predatory. He’s a favorite among those who are, again, looking for a different flavor other than – Republican and/or Democrat – he’s not seen as a strict Republican.

The chess board is open, there are few pawns and knights on the board as of yet, but there is plenty of time to speculate and look to the disillusioned low information voter to lead the charge.

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