Monday, December 30, 2013

Ted Cruz – 2013 – First Year Most Influential Senator – No apologies – No remorse – As it Should be.

Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from the State of Texas, made some promises on the campaign trail and once elected, put himself to work – on the promise he made. These included stopping the Affordable Health Care Act – otherwise known as Obama Care – and he did his utmost to do so. He talked to his constituents in town hall style meetings, and went about the other states doing the same – the conclusion was that he needed to do something – so he did.

In a 21 hour non-filibuster (due to Senate rules) – he attempted to educate the general public on what might happen should the government fund Obama Care – things such as millions might lose their policies, and doctors might not be available. He was maligned not only on the left, which would be expected – but on the right as the old guards in the Republican Party are more interested in getting along and keeping their jobs based on polling from DC rather than doing what their constituents want. Which makes Ted Cruz, one of the only guys in DC that is actually doing with he was sent to do – constitutionally, work for the people who sent him there.

Accordingly to Real Clear Politics, Senator Cruz, also has his head on straight – he places the blame squarely where it belongs for the “alleged” government shutdown: at the feet of Harry Reid and the President.

Both men wanted to insure that the legislation went though – on time – which, in retrospect, had they listened to Ted Cruz, and came to some compromise, the President’s approval ratings would be through the roof – but that would take two – and Harry Reid, who is the fact totem leader of the country, was having none of it.

Therefore, yes, it was their fault, and they went the extra mile by shutting down national monuments spending more on the shutdown than would have been necessary. The entire “debate” over Obama Care has cost the county a boatload of cash, and it is a disaster – putting it off a year or two and working across the aisle might have made the transition perfect –yet – with a lack of bi-partisanship and party about the people, that is displayed on both sides of the aisle, that was not going to happen.

Ted Cruz, who many suggest may run for the office of the Presidency with experience equal to the current office holder, may or may not be in for a surprise as he has yet to even remotely hint at a run. The perfect place for Ted Cruz in this bloggers book would be to replace on Harry Reid at the helm, of course, there has to be a real change in power in the senate in 2014 for that to take place. That chance in power is evidence by the growing distaste for all incumbents who are more party less people. In that scenario - the prediction from here –Obama’s last terms in office may be the best he has had – should the Senate and the House both become more Libertarian-Tea Party and less standard “Republican” party or “Democrat Party”. It is looking as if this could possibly occur.

Of course, there would be the usual attention hounds, McCain, King, the like – but they are no longer relevant in this date and age, and as they are cheerleaders for the Democrats, they might as well change parties (it happens frequently)

Therefore, Cruz remains one of my favorite political figures, along with Mike Lee, and, without a doubt, Rand Paul, there are others, but for brevity sake, saving that for another day.

These leaders give us hope, something that has been lost amongst the partisan “hacks” that have been ruling for the past 30 odd years.

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