Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Excuse me but! Finding Pet Friendly Campgrounds is a Most difficult task!

image and article form Ottawadogblog.ca

After searching high and low for multiple weeks, I finally found a camping area that would accept me and my three pups for short-term campout. Normally most campsites, even in Pet friendly areas, suggest that one has their pet at their side, on a short leash at all times, with no access to any of the campgrounds amenities, specifically, the trails, the ponds (if any) the beaches (if any) and so on. This is especially true of Connecticut & Massachusetts. To be fair, some do offer dog parks and such for the dog, but...it’s not the same as sharing the experience with ones four legged friends.

Those that rely heavily on the companionship of their canine companions, be it for service needs and/or just the presence of unconditional love, should have some outlets that will allow them to experience nature without penalties (of course, picking up after one’s pups and insuring they have all vaccinations are common sense under any circumstances).

As we spend a fortune on medical, food (which is taxed) and shelter for our animals (I’m thinking tax deductions here), it is right and proper that those with pets, especially in states and municipalities that charge fees (i.e. taxes) in the form of dog tags, should have outlets where they can comfortably take their pets for a day or for that matter a week (if camping).

I did find one campground in Maine, which will share experience once returned. The experience will be based on how much enjoyment we have in this experience. It will be a somewhat longer drive, but the hope is that it will be the perfect experience for both human and pet.

There are “dog camps” in Massachusetts; however, those are weekly retreats, offering activities that would suit most anyone. The downside is that they are only offer 2 to 3 times a year and are priced for cabins, rather than tents.

If anyone who cares to drop a note in comments as to options for campers it would be appreciated. Criteria: off leash camping – sensible rules are fine (must have vaccinations, and pick up the wastes), but should offer beach access (even if times are restricted to early morning), and trails that are also off-leash. - Canada options obviously welcome.)

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