Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trust President Obama? – CNN/ORC – Public – Not So Much – 1 in 4 Believe He Can Manage the Job – It is Not the President’s Fault – the American Public did this to themselves – in 204 and 2016 – Verify – then Trust

A new CNN Poll is out on the Trust in and Job Approval of President Obamaand he is well under water with 53% of American’s finding the President to be untrustworthy, and perhaps worse, only 1 in 4 believe he is competent.

The question one might want to ask is when did the “public” decide that enough was enough? – With approval ratings in 2012 hitting the 40 plus mark in only 10 states (Gallup’s Trust in Institutions), the fact that the public granted the second coming of Jimmy Carter a second chance is mind-boggling. Yes, he’s a nice guy and his intent and vision is not in malice, however – that’s not a reason to allow a second term.

Between the debacle of Obama Care – now called “The Affordable Health Care Act”, the Nuclear Option pulled by the Government Puppet Master, Harry Reid (D-NV) – or the one that actually runs the country, and his new dealings with Iran (See Jimmy Carter, and multiply X 10), there is a palpable angst within the ranks of the so-called low-information voters. Those who are not in that category may be watching extra episodes of “Preppers”.

In 1980, it was not so much that Jimmy Carter was not a nice guy; everyone knew he was a nice guy, the problem was – he was no capable of running more than a peanut farm. In 2008, ironically, we hired a nice guy, who was adept at organizing communities. Both men had zero military experience, managerial experience, or any practical experience at all – and we, the people, gave them the reigns to the most powerful and economically stable countries in the world – which they both promptly drove over a cliff. It is fair to say that they both inherited problems, each President inherits problems, including Clinton and Reagan – but, unlike the aforementioned who quickly hired the right people, and cooperated with those that had a light bulb shining over their heads - Carter and Obama danced to a tune of a very different drummer.

It’s not their fault at all – it is our fault.

To those who blindly followed the media, shame on you, to those who stayed home and did not vote in “Mittens” or “McCain” – (the horrible alternatives, understandably), in the millions, those who would have sealed the election for Romney if they could just get past their fear of a Religious Cult and or their distaste of “Rhino’s”, we’d not be in such a mess today and the Republic would be better off. The bonus would not have to watch a painful realization by the American Public that the Leader of the Free World might not qualify for a job at the local Denny’s.

So, there you have it, nice guy, in over his head from the beginning and he belongs to all of us for the next three (3) years. Suggestions write to the President and tell him to get new advisors (preferably of the Reagan/Clinton administrations – heck the Bush administration – pick one), tell him not to campaign but to talk to the American Public and actually restore confidence instead of blaming every Republican, Unicorn and Bigfoot. Maybe he just needs a bit of moral support, who knows – but he’s ours, and we are stuck with him. The Republican’s, who let the RNC run campaigns into the ground by hiring RHINO’s, well, they are just as much to blame. Before babies are thrown out with the bath water, (see 2013 local elections where fine Democrats and Republicans lost Mayor’s offices and similar seats due to being incumbents), perhaps, a bit of honesty with the American Public about what one really is concerned with (rather than the Party to which one belongs) would be helpful. Ted Cruz, much maligned, is honest, so is Rand Paul – and I’m fairly certain one might find a first term Senator or Governor not tied to the apron strings of a national party on both sides of the aisle who also speaks from the hip. Whoever gets the next job from “we the people” better have some management experience – They are going to be taking on the mess of a lifetime.

Expect the President to be in a freefall (see George W. Bush) from now until he hands over the reins to the next President.

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