Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trump Questions Cruz's Eligibility to Run for President - Is Cruz Eligible?

From The Digital Journal:

Real estate mogul and former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to be gearing up for 2016, suggesting Senator Ted Cruz's Canadian birth would make him ineligible for the White House.

Getting ahead of the 2016 presidential election season, Donald Trump has again expressed his concerns about the birth origin of presidential contenders, airing his positions on Senator Ted Cruz's Canadian origins on ABC's "This Week."

Asked if Senator Cruz was a viable candidate for the White House, Trump readily shared his opinion. “If he was born in Canada, perhaps not,” Trump said. “I don’t know the circumstances. I heard somebody told me he was born in Canada. That’s really his thing."

Apparently , Trump is busy sowing the seeds of doubt, as any serious consideration of a Presidential run was lost in the 2012 election for those in both political spectrums who were “also rans” should understand that nothing short of a miracle would transform them into Presidential Candidacy material a second time.

Cruz, who was, indeed, born in Canada, was there with his American Mother: from The Washington Post:

Cruz was born Rafael Cruz in Canada, where his Cuban father and Irish-American mother had moved for the 1960s oil boom. They had met at an oil exploration business in Texas.

As a teenager, his father fought for Fidel Castro against Fulgencio Batista. “They didn’t know Castro was a Communist, what they knew was that Batista was a cruel and oppressive dictator,” Cruz said earlier this year.

After being imprisoned and tortured by the Batista regime, the elder Rafael Cruz came to America on a student visa with nothing but $100 sewn into his underwear. He made his way through the University of Texas by washing dishes.

Eleanor Darragh, Cruz’s mother, was a working-class Delaware native who studied math at Rice University. Cruz once told a tea party group that his mother refused to learn how to type, so that when men asked her to type things up for her she could say, “I would love to help you out, but I don’t know how to type. I guess you’re going to have to use me as a computer programmer instead.”

Cruz was raised in Houston (all he remembers about Canada: “It was cold.”) In high school he was part of a group sponsored by the Free Enterprise Institute that learned the Constitution by heart and traveled the state giving speeches on conservative ideas.

Read balance of article here at the Washington Post

There have been questions raised about the eligibility of those who would consider a run for President as recently as 2008, with Trump being the most vocal about President Obama’s origins. (Not that Cruz has even hinted that he would run, being in Iowa, is always considered a big clue, yet determines very little in the grander scheme of things.)

Suffice it to say, that the Senator, who has a long pedigree vis a vis the Constitution, would know whether or not he, indeed, met eligibility requirements.

Recall the questions regarding John McCain’s eligibility for the Presidency – he was born in Panama, to American parents – which, trumps – Trump(New York Times)

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