Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ted Cruz Speculation on 2016 – Bonus – Meets with Evangelical’s – GOP Pay Attention

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Ted Cruz was recently in Iowa where he met with
a crowd of 1000 evangelical leaders, according to the Texas Tribune. The fact that he also had spent time in with another group of conservative pastors in Iowa speaks volumes; (Texas Tribune) especially is he had been accepted.

Should Cruz end up in Colorado – where the power lays – meeting with 30 to 50 of those influential pastors, the GOP should get out o f the way of what one might call “destiny” – Whoever is able to motivate that particular group, which would hand them enough voters in any given election to upend whoever the opposition might run – is historical (See 2004 election (Kerry & Bush). The fact that there are millions who sit out and do not vote (See Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, etc.), while the opposition pushes votes into the urban center – 200,000 here, 500,000 there, the opposition party easily wins.

It may not be Cruz, it may be another, but whoever it is, stop bucking those crazy evangelicals for the good of the nation and understand that they hold the key to winning elections.

They sat out the 2008 election, and they sat out the 2012 election – everyone with a pulse understands what the consequences are in that respect. Call me crazy, and there may be some validity there, however, it does merit a bit of “investigation” as to why votes are available in the millions yet, the candidate barely has a pulse nearing the finish line? One might have heard - perhaps not - the Evangelicals who felt that Mormonism is a Cult, and could not, would not, in all conscious pull the trigger, amounted to a 20,000,000 deficit in votes – one might suggest that’s worth paying attention to whom the church leaders are enamored of.

Just as a reminder, view the video below – if one thinks it’s not worth paying attention to, even after the facts.

Focus on the Family – with Sean Hannity

Although the good Dr. was speaking for himself – he went on to describe a scenario where there was no one that would be acceptable and that the rise of a progressive would help the country in the long run, as people would be desperate enough to vote for the “right”candidate. Mind boggling, but after 2012 it surely explains a great deal.

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