Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Who Knew? High Flying Dogs – Making Sports Headlines – Mankind’s Best Friend Beats the MA Senate Race Any Da

From the Las Vegas Review Journal comes an article titled: “High Flying Dogs Make A Big Splash”. The article goes on to describe the sport of “Dock Diving” – and the participants are “Dock Dogs” For the most part, one reads a sports section and does not expect to find an article that deals with the world of canines – one which highlights their agility, and this is regardless of breed.

Looking over videos and finding events in one’s area appears to be quite easy – and once looking over the training and options, one begins to look at their beagle, which fetches like an outfield for the Yankees - and begins to think about putting in a water run. For more information about the sport in New England visit seacoastdockdogs.com

On the political front – all one has to know is that Gabriel Gomez, the Republican challenger for John Kerry’s empty Senate Seat, is spending big on ads against Democrat, Ed Markey(Politico)

Markey is playing the usual “Republicans will take your Medicare” scam – all things considered that he voted for Obamacare, which is scavenging Medicare. Go Figure.

Ads can be seen on a variety of channels around the clock – with Markey taking credit for everything Al Gore has and has not, and Gomez, is being Gomez, a died in the wool – Republicrat – or better known as a Massachusetts voter – on the one hand voting for Democrats on the other an occasional Republican. Once the dust settles after the election – the race will be decided – and is rightly being called a toss-up by the Cook Report.

Herein lays Markey’s challenge (and the desperate tone of his ads underscore the dilemma) – he’s one-hundred years old, and rather unremarkable at that (unless one buys his Gore stories – Meanwhile, Gomez, Latino, U.S. Military Veteran, and for all intents and purposes, perfect for the part of a Massachusetts Senator.

That said, with the dead voting, and collecting Mass welfare to boot, one might have to call any race in MA a tossup.

Which is why dogs are much more interesting, reliable, loyal, dependable, loving.

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