Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Governor Rick Perry – Texas Has a Place for You! – Teeing off Democrat in High-Tax Blue States

That rascally Governor of Texas - with his dog - photo daily caller

Apparently, Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas is doing his job, a fact which has those who live in high-tax, Democrat controlled states a bit unnerved. Perry, as Governor is compelled to increase both businesses in the State of Texas – and by doing so, creating more jobs. Texas has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country – therefore, Perry is doing something right. It is the manner in which Perry is increasing the status of Texas that has a few Democrats feathers ruffled. He’s buying television advertising in states such as Illinois and California, touting the benefits of Texas while pointing out the deficiencies of their current home state. Over at the Huffington Post, the headline reads “Rick Perry faces Backlash…..which speaks to the said poaching of jobs and business from other states. Apparently, those posters suggest that by Perry’s taking of businesses an jobs from Illinois, and California, somehow, Texas will turn into a Democrat stronghold.

So there, Rick Perry!

The New York Post sums it up nicely in an article praising the good job Perry is doing for Texas:

“Poaching” jobs sounds pejorative, but it amounts to making it easier for people to do business. The waste hauler Waste Connections Inc. moved from Sacramento, Calif., to a location near Houston. Its CEO told the Web site The Fiscal Times that it took the company 16 months to design and build a new building in Texas, when the permitting alone would have taken three years in California.

If blue-state Democrats want Rick Perry to stop bothering them, they should quit whining and start learning from his example.


When did a third or more of the nation loose every shred of commen sense and the ability to think clearly?

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