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OR, CO, MA, MD, CT Gun Manufacturers, – Option to Move to Friendly States – TX, NH Trolling for Industries. John McCain –Can’t Understand Filibuster of Senate Gun Control Bill!

There are a multitude of reasons to defend the Second Amendment, the above captures, what may be considered by some as extreme - image and article (worth reading) from The Forbidden Knowledge.com - Hard Truth - Gun Control

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, made headlines in recent days over his ability to bring new industry to Texas – He has snagged Colt Competition from Oregon. The Colt brand is licensed from the Iconic Connecticut Firearms Company, Colt Competition manufactures competition firearms. (Reporternews.com) In addition Reporter News noted an interview with the Hartford Courant in which Connecticut Gun Manufactures, such as Colt Firearms would be willing to relocate given the State’s new gun laws – and they have had offers.

Massachusetts is home to Smith & Wesson, one of the most recognizable brands, and the State of New Hampshire is actively attempting to “woo” disgruntled manufactures away from gun control states, although the Valley News doubts that the Granite State would be able to outdo Texas.

In Maryland, famed Beretta is threatening to leave the state, due to gun control legislation. (The Blaze)

It is also worth noting, that for those Gun Manufactures living in “blue” states, where Taxes are exorbitant, and new gun laws, restricting the number of bullets one might have in a magazine, or outlawing common guns (Thus, forcing manufacturers to retool to suit a states specific needs.) have ample reason to ditch Maryland, Massachusetts and Connecticut to more tax and gun friendly states.

It’s what is called, a “no-brainer”, for those companies, to move – taking with them thousands of jobs, and affecting what little industry is left in the Eastern U.S. as a result. When one thinks of any form of manufacturing requiring steel or similar components, one usually does not see the hundreds of small and medium businesses which are part of the support to the manufacture - parts for machinery for instance – would lose income from relocation – and those employers would be forced to lay off employees. Massachusetts gun manufactures could resettle more easily in nearby New Hampshire, or perhaps make their way to the very tax friendly Republic of Texas, taking another chunk out of the Massachusetts Revenue(taxes) which has recently seen its fourth quarter of massive deficits due to a lack of taxpayers!

For those who are for strict gun control measure out of a sense of fear or righteousness, one must be reminded of the actual debate regarding ownership of weapons (of any kind) – it is not about gun control, it is about the Constitution, and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. That’s the answer to Senator John McCain’s ridiculous question to those who would filibuster any debate on the subject of gun control legislation in the Senate. (The House is more “gun-friendly.) McCain made the inquiry on CBS’s “Face the Nation” . Senator’s McCain (and some of his peers – Graham comes to mind) ability to bi-partisan the end of any debate by cozying up to the Chuck Schumer’s of the Senate, is in itself a thorn in the side of Conservatives on an ongoing basis, however, this debate transcends Conservatism –watch back peddling commence in the Senate. Gun advocates can be found in the strangest places – for a variety of reasons regardless of how many grief stricken parents are taken advantage of for political purposes by the Administration, and those individuals are concerned about the erosion of rights in this nation, regardless of the subject matter –a conundrum, to be sure.

Herein lays the problem, in many states, as well as the Federal Government, the populace already enjoys gun control measures in background checks, etc., - it is the enforcement of the laws that is the problem –the current laws are not enforced – similar to the current laws governing our nation’s borders. When there is a PR moment for either political party, there is rarely a call to enforce the existing laws – there is always a call to strengthen or enhance the existing laws – which surely don’t work - because they aren’t enforced! (Senator McCain, take note.)

Therefore, at this point, the most positive approach would be to enforce existing laws, and to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, and those States who’s Gun Manufacturers are feeling the pinch of massive corporate taxes and new restrictions on their products, get ready to pony up should they leave for more tax friendly and gun friendly environs. In fact, they may end up taking support industry with them – causing further havoc on the State’s budgets.

It’s no wonder Texas, and in no small way, New Hampshire is a destination for those employers and employees who are looking for both a break from taxes and an opportunity to enjoy a bit of the freedom this nation was founded upon.

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