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Massachusetts – New Round of Tax Hikes – Gas, Income, Computer Repair - Karl Rove at UMASS Amherst – Into the Lion’s Den –WRKO's Howie Carr to Host 2 of 3 Republican Senate Candidates in Debate Today

Karl Rove's Appearance at UMass may result in the usual peaceful demonstrations - Image student riot after Super Bowl (normal riot) - image Boston Herald)

If it isn’t nailed down (or if it is) the Legislature and Governor Deval Patrick are interested in how to slap a tax on whatever “it” may be. Currently a war of press conferences has been held while the Democrat Controlled Legislature and the Governor Battle over just how much the public is going to pay. The Governor is keen on a 1.9 Billion dollar “revenue” (“tax”) proposal that would “invest” in education and a high speed rail See SouthCoast Today Editorial “Lawmakers test our patience at their peril”, suggesting that the Democrats in the Legislature had better get in behind the larger tax proposal – or else.”) The Legislature is split between the Speaker and the Governor – a Berkshire Democrat, Farley Bouvier, suggests: House-Senate proposal hikes gasoline taxes by 3 cents from the current 23.5 cents a gallon, along with hiking tobacco and some business-related taxes to fund the transportation budget.

"I’m definitely in favor of using the income tax [as in the governor’s plan], because I feel it will be more evenly distributed across the state," Farley-Bouvier said. (Berkshire Eagle)

Some feel it is a ploy by the Legislature and the Governor (who is also apparently thinking of a 2016 run for the Oval Office) Holly Robichaud, at the Boston Herald, suggests the whole fight between the Governor and House Speaker over how much to tax the residents is a ploy by both sides: “Today, the Massachusetts House is debating the transportation finance bill, which includes multiple tax increases. As it stands now the bill clobbers the middle class and working poor with a gas tax increase tied to inflation, higher taxes on utility bills, a $1 increase on tobacco and an inexplicable new service sales tax on computer design work.

To sell Speaker Robert DeLeo’s $500 million tax package, there is a whole lot of political theater being staged to fool low information voters into being grateful it’s not Gov. Deval Patrick’s $1.9 billion plan."
(Boston Herald)

Therefore, today, the state of Massachusetts will increase revenue one way or the other – and those who work in the State of Massachusetts will be seeing less cash in their wallets, at a time when there is less of everything. Ms. Robichaud reminded her readers that the Governor’s 2009 tax increases led to an increase in Republicans in the Massachusetts Legislature in 2010 – actually they did double their numbers, however, too few to compete with the Progressives on Beacon Hill. A tax on Computer Design Work? – Almost as bad as a tax on one’s dogs!

Over at the University of Massachusetts, an imminent threat to all that is Progressive, is being discussed at The article title says it all: “Karl Rove’s upcoming visit to UMASS causes Uproar in Liberal Community” Rove has agreed to speak in the People’s Republic of Amherst, at UMASS for the Republican Club this Tuesday (April 9th) at 8:00 pm – (open to the public – doors open at 7:30) (Springfield Republican). Expect pies to be thrown, chanting, and a whole lot of “love” shown the speaker – which will make for news, of sorts – that said, Rove is from Texas. Judging from the comments at MassLive, the majority favors Rove over UMASS – it’s a hoot reading the comments, specifically the support for those who are in an uproar over Rove’s appearance.

Lastly, today, between 5 and 6 pm, two of the three Republican Candidates for the U.S. Senate Seat will take part in a debate on the Howie Carr show on WRKO radio. The candidates, Michael Sullivan and Gabriel Gomez, have had words of sort – this might be interesting. Sullivan, a former U.S. Attorney General, and Gomez, a former Democrat, who had written a letter to Deval Patrick asking the Governor to Appoint him, as a Republican to the vacant Senate Seat – because he Supported Barack Obama and his gun control proposals, are at odds over some remarks made during the course of the campaign (Primary date is April 30th – there are three Republican Candidates, Sullivan, Gomez and Dan Winslow (the Libertarian leaning, sane (editorializing) candidate, and two Democrats, Ed Markey (has been in the U.S. Congress so long, if it were a private sector job, he’d be retiring), and Stephen Lynch – a rarity in Massachusetts, a Democrat who voted against Obama Care, and thinks outside of the box.) In a perfect world, one would have the choice in the election between Winslow and Lynch, however, Markey has been pre-ordained by the State Democrat Leadership (as well as the national leadership) – and it would take a miracle for anyone else to be elected to that vacant Senate Seat – although – in Massachusetts, Miracles in special elections – do happen.

The debate should be worth a listen – visit for live streaming, or for a list of affiliates in New England visit

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