Thursday, April 18, 2013

Immigration – Rand Paul favors Immigration Bill, with some amendments – Annual Reports to Congress, Voter Verification, No Access to Welfare – Must have Border Control.

The Immigration Reform Bill is estimated to take approximately three days to read (CNS News), and is seeing some opposition on certain amendments to the Bill. For exampple, provisions to legalize those that had been previously deported, as well as relatives of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently in the country, is a sticking point for some members of Congress (CNS News).

Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul, according to Politico, is seeking to read the Senates 884 page bill, and also is looking to add amendments to the existing legislation. He’d like to see reporting to Congress on an annual basis of the numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country. He would like to see immigration reform pass, but with border security included. “Another amendment he’s interested in would add verification requirements to make sure immigrants with work visas and driver’s licenses, but not citizenship, are unable to vote. He also wants to make sure that anyone in the country illegally does not receive welfare benefits. “ Politico

Paul, is pragmatic, in the Libertarian sense as far as fiscal responsibilities are concerned. Understanding that one needs immigrants, but that there should be order to the process, and verification designed to protect the rights of citizens. He is also considering 2106 Bid for the Presidency.

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