Friday, April 19, 2013

Boston – One Suspect Dead, One at Large – Media in Chaos – Updated: Boston PD Identifies to Chechynian Brothers as Bombers

Boston: Breaking Identified as two Chechynian Brothers, living in US for a year.

FBI Official Photos - Released last night - Said to have been named by Boston Police Scanner, Followed by Fellow Students on Twitter - image NBC News

Boston-Watertown - As of last night the media reported shootings of an MIT police officer, then came bombs, police, and a standoff in Watertown, where on suspect was apprehended, and later died, the other is “at large” (Boston Globe)- Twitter was blowing up – students, reporters, residents following on the Boston Police Scanner picked up the names of two suspects: Mike Mulugeta and Sunil Tripathi. (Also see Huffington Post) Further on Twitter, those named on the Boston Police scanner are reported to have been using aliases, Mikael Maulvi, Sunil Tripathi has been identified as a missing Brown University Student gone since March 16 (Link to ABC Local VPIV via Twitter)

There is nothing office from the News sources as of 5:55 am – regarding this development – However, students who were on twitter suggesting that they recognized, the suspects, as well as the Boston Scanner Reporters are reminiscent of what occurred during the Iranian Revolution, which, “unconfirmed” reports were not published by news sources until Iraqis’ were dying in the streets, a week after the fact – This took place in 2009.

As the media has been less than accurate over the past week regarding the terrorist attack in Boston, then it may be worth a note to listen to the voices coming out of Boston via Twitter. Although not confirmed, again, by the sources, it was reported at approximately 4pm by Fox News that a Boston Police Office has noted they were “terrorist”. It was later picked up by

According to one blog – the two were in involved in “training” in Hanover, MA it is not clear how reliable any of the above information is at the moment, but, one might suggest it may be more pertinent than other media outlets, given the changing headlines over the past few days. If this individual is at large in Boston, armed or not, one might suspect that he will not survive – if the Boston PD doesn't get him, someone else in the Baystate will.

Search #Bostonscanner on on Twitter.

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