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Another School Shooting on the Books – Yet NRA Membership explodes, Gun Sales Up – Common Sense, the Constitution, Medication and Politics.

Is it the guns or the non-moderated use of prescription drugs? Image from

There was another school shooting, this time in a small town in California – a “bullied” student grabbed a “gun” that used “pellets” and went to school intent on killing those who bullied him. In the report from a local CBS affiliate, one finds a tell-tale clue: “But people in the small San Joaquin Valley town who know his identity say he was teased for his small stature.

They describe him as smart but say he sometimes said irreverent things that brought scorn from classmates.

Neighbor Trish Montes says her son used to work at the school and tutored the student last year. She says her son felt sorry for him and would sometimes walk with him between classes.

This begs the question, who is watching over the students that are hampered by mental illness, yet under most modern school policy are “included” in the main student body – inclusion is designed to insure that students with disabilities are viewed as “normal”.

There are myriad articles linking the rash of school shootings over the years (and increasing) with the use of prescritpon drugs, such as antidepressants, and those given to students with ADD. (Health Impact News) The common thread between all of the cases of mass shootings and or attacks is the fact that in each instance, the individual perpetrator is also both mentally disabled and on some form of medication, or has used that medication in the past. The fact that prescription drugs are given to these students with no ongoing monitoring by a physician combined with counseling leaves that individual (and their family and the community) at risk. For an interesting take on the link between mental illness and the rise in mass shootings/murders in the U.S., read ”Madness, Deinstitutionalization and Murder written in March of 2012. (Federalist Society)

Yet, despite the constant drumbeat for regulation of guns owned by individuals in the U.S., specifically after the shooting at Sandy Hook school in CT in December of 2012, there has been an increase in both gun sales (Kansas City Star) as well as a spike in memberships to the National Rifle Association.(Newsmax) The later is puzzling those on the left who, as is normally the case, cannot understand or refuse to understand that there is opposition to gun control – therefore, they ponder why , in the wake of horrific mass murders by those with guns, anyone would be against taking guns away from everyone except perhaps for the police and military? They look for conspiracies to explain the rise in memberships to the NRA such as a link between the NRA and the fire arm industry (Huffington Post) that turns a business, lobbying arrangement into some sort of black conspiracy.

Yet, they fail to see the political impact and that fact that gun sales started to rise immediately following the reelection of the President (See Kansas City Star). They also fail to hear that the White House (Obama Administration) is suggesting that they out-organize the NRA (they refers to the government) (Politico)

What they fail to see if the fear, and there is real fear in this nation that the Constitution upon which we rely is being trampled upon daily, and that rights under said document are being ignored entirely. One might be reminded that the President upon his first speech when election results were known in 2008, noted his favorite President as Abraham Lincoln. Those who are familiar with history also know that a study of Lincoln reveals a President who trampled upon the Constitution like no other before or up to the current President.

There are those on both sides of this argument that are vested in conspiracy theories, with grains of truth to both, yet are failing to see the forest through the trees. It is not legal gun ownership that is the problem. Yes, there may be the occasional hunting accident, or crime of passion (those are most often committed not with a gun, but with a knife or other means), yet overall, gun violence and deaths are generally committed by those who do not legally obtain a gun. (See Fast and Furious for a contradiction in Government policy – swept under a rug). Therefore, as the Administration goes to war with legal gun owners, there are millions of unsupervised, medicated, students who are capable of murder or suicide, and left without treatment other than the drugs that may cause the feelings of homicide and or suicide.

Therefore, to recap:

School shooting and other mass murders are historically tied to mental illness and prescription drug use, not gun use, take away a gun, and that individual may use a machete. The NRA membership rise is not a conspiracy as suggested by the left, rather fear of Obama. (See Hitler and Gun Control rising quickly as a search on Google). The administration sees nether the fear of themselves, or the tie to mental illness, and drugs, rather a political opportunity. There is zero help for those children, young adults, and adults who suffer from a variety of mental illnesses, their families, and the community, other than doling out drugs that are going to cause them to kill. There are also, sadly, those that , despite the proper care, are going to kill anyway, yet, the only way that person would be treated and the community kept safe, would be imprisonment, which is why a larger than average percentage of our prison population is deemed mentally ill. (Read Deinstitutionalization). Sadly, no one is talking about legislation that might demand that once diagnosed with any form of mental illness, a child should not be prescribed medication without ongoing counseling and monitoring of that individuals progress and health. The problem with that tactic is it would solve the problem, not offer a grand stage for politicians, who would be looking more towards a personal legacy than the health and safety of all Americans.

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