Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2016 Prospects - Rick Perry, Governor of Texas – Media Looks at Perry as Possible 2016 GOP Candidate

Governor Rick Perry with a puppy, known dog lover - photo used to lampoon Perry by papermag.com

The Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has picked up a bit of national news as of late, as the media begins an early look at who may or may not run for President in 2016. Politico’s article “Rick Perry’s Second Chance” suggests that the Governor’s prospects for a Presidential run, given the damaged brand of the GOP, and his poor showing in the last 2012 primary, are non-existent. Perry, who is the longest serving Governor in the State of Texas, yet, Politico points to the “talented field of current GOP prospects”. The article also highlights the facts that most candidates have lost a primary before attaining a nomination, included are Ronald Reagan, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

That said, the media is not taking any chances – the Hartford Courant, on January 4th, published an op-ed titled “Texas, Perry Ramp Up War On Women” referencing the suit brought against Texas by Planned Parenthood for state funding (i.e. forcing Texas to pay for Planned Parenthood’s inclusion into the State Health Plan via a restraining order which a Federal Judge swiftly denied). Thus the “war on women”, which really is a rejection of Planned Parenthood. Perry, on his part, issued a press release, “Gov. Rick Perry released the following statement on the Travis County court's decision to deny Planned Parenthood's temporary restraining order attempting to force inclusion of the organization in the Texas Women's Health Program:

"Today's ruling finally clears the way for thousands of low-income Texas women to access much-needed care, while at the same time respecting the values and laws of our state. I applaud all those who stand ready to help these women live healthy lives without sending taxpayer money to abortion providers and their affiliates."
(State of Texas, Governor’s office)

Although it’s fairly early in the 2012 political game, and the chance that any of those who are now on the media watch list as potentials, won’t even run in 2016 is more probable, Governor Rick Perry would be a solid candidate, guns, religion and the ten gallon hat, but there is a better chance he’ll remain Govenor of Texas. Or President of the Republic of Texas, , should things go south with Harry Reid’s mad power grabs (see Harry Reid’s attempt to do away with the filibuster, his refusal to pass a budget, or let a budget from Congress even go to the floor - since 2009), and what’s left of the Federal Government become a one-party nightmare. (Granted this is far-flung, but just about as far flung as the Democrat Controlled Senate passing a budget), That said, most likely Govenor Perry, as an Austin resident, formerly from Massachusetts, formerly a Democrat speaks to the appeal of Rick Perry – “He can be Govenor for Life if he wants”, begs the question – How can a portrayed super right wing, religious zealot, have the support of former Massachustts Democrats along with former Progressives fleeing California in droves?

He gets the job done, he owns up if he thinks there’s been a mistake, (which is rare), he does what he does for the State of Texas – which is a destination or those who are not enamored of being over-taxed, or out of work. Or- maybe it’s the water or the air in Texas.

Yet the negative and imaginary political issues (and policy issues) with the Govenor are now being placed in the public arena, just in case he does decide to try again in 2016. Go figure. He is certainly not the type of leader that would satisfy those in the bubble that is Washington or the progressive press –in fact, he horrifies all of the aforementioned because he’s the “real deal” - bet on a moderate taking the helm of the GOP in 2016, because someone who has real convictions, regardless of the fact that they may governor legislate in a bi-partisan manner, is certainly a danger to the status quo.

Favorite Rick Perry Article – the Washington Post"Rick Perry Fatally Shoots Coyote". After laughing at “fatally shoots coyote”, the fact that the Governor, shot a wild animal that was attacking his dog, give him creds with those who might own – dogs.

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