Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Michelle Obama – Gorgeous, Love the Dress! – Speech and tone – We were Watching Republicans?!

First Lady Michelle Obama, looking stunning, takes the stage, one can find fault with the policy of the President but his choice of running mate (emphasis on the later word) brilliant- image

Michelle Obama, the nation’s first lady, did the nation proud last night, wearing stunning dress that made heads turn as she gracefully walked to the podium and began her version of “trust my husband”. The full text of the first lady’s speech is available here at the Politico In listening to the words, it was about family, the import of the father, the import of the unit as a whole, the fact that people must work hard to achieve, the fact that parents except the next generation to do better so they sacrifice. Barack and the first date, the fact that her children are the central part, and how much she loves her husband, trust him.

The differences between the two women and the two speeches?

Ann Romney wore a different dress, more toned downed and age appropriate.
She basically followed the same pattern, my life, Mitt’s life, love my husband, trust Mitt.

Michelle brought up abortion, and the parties firm stance that women deserve them.
She also brought up gay marriage.

(Those items not on the RNC Platform)

Otherwise, it’s as if they road into prime time, to blame Mitt and to look an awful lot just the crowd we saw just last week.

But the delivery and the messaging was a far cry from the earlier messaging of the DNC - where the earlier message was “we are all under the control of the government and we love it!! (ok, that’s not a direct quote but watch the video here from YouTube – “We All Belong to the Government featuring large, melting ice sculpture of President Obama

No Kidding - now this is entertainment!

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