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Political Bias in the Classroom – VA Teacher Has Students Work on Obama Campaign - No Discipline – No Surprise There

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According to several news outlets, a middle school teacher handed his students a rather odd assignment, one which was clearly biased, and timely considering the fact that this is an election year. According to ABC News the students were instructed to break down into four groups, compile opposition research on each Republican Candidate, and then forward that information to the Obama Campaign. The teacher has not been suspended or reprimanded, just instructed not to do it again.

One can bet the house the teacher is a political “progressive”, and has, at the least, lectured on the pro’s and con’s of specific politician’s and or political issues with a bias towards Conservatism. This happens in schools, both public and private, across the country – just ask your children. It is a fact that the teachers are educated in an environment that is Progressive, and that they are sent forth to educate as Progressives, regardless of the grade level. In the words of one of my dearest, but misguided Professors, one must a) protect the masses from knowledge and b) use that knowledge to promote the progressive ideology through the classroom, regardless of subject, and promote one political party only.

In Massachusetts in speaking to young adults about their college experiences, they complain that even in unrelated classes, such as science, they are lectured on the politics of today, rather than on the subject at hand. Although, while in the classroom, or on the campus, they nod in agreement, it is not so much that they agree, rather that they are concerned for their grades if they do not – and their political affiliation? None – but there is a deep rooted apathy about the future, and not a little bit of fear about the government – the biggest surprise, they are refusing to register to vote, or if they have registered , will refuse to exercise their right to vote – the effect, from this, albeit limited research, is not as intended. What makes them most angry? – They feel they are losing an opportunity to actually be educated.

If there weren’t protection for this type of nonsense (or one might consider it a mental illness, in the case of some ideologues), in the form of one of two Teachers Unions – these types of teachers, who are not teaching to a subject, yet in class campaigning, would be fired. Wonder why you’re student might get A’s, yet appears as unprepared intellectually as a rock? – As what the discussion is during the class. If it is a public school, that student may not have a textbook, or homework assigned, even at the secondary level. Yet, one can bet the student knows two things: Progressive Democrats are out to save the world, planet, etc., while Republican’s are the devil incarnate.

One wonders what would happen should a third party evolve in opposition to both Republicans and Democrats. How would this Progressive, who has but one enemy and one goal, be able to cope? They would have to have a college course prepared to teach these pairing teachers, etc. how to denigrate a third party – but would there be time?

This article which some find shocking is part and parcel of the day to day lives of students across the country – ideological and often incompetent teachers, who are deeply imbedded in the school, and if suspended for bad behavior, the union sues, and the city or town pays often exorbitant settlements.

Case in point: a high school social studies teacher in the City of Chicopee, was put on paid leave, after his anti-war hijinks got a tad out of hand. The union went to bat for the teacher who ended up with an award, which the City attempted to appeal and lost. (,

Therefore, this politically ideological left of center “teacher”, who should have been fired for his actions, was rewarded with the aid of the Union, and the Massachusetts Judicial System –paying the bill – the City of Chicopee, or more to the point, the taxpayers who paid this man’s salary in the first place. Is it no wonder, that with teachers of this ilk, (and the aforementioned Virginia teacher), that students in the US are barely educated, by national standards?

Unless and until parents get more involved with their children’s education in the public sector, or lobby hard for school choice, this type of nonsense will continue and your student will fit right at home at a State University or Ivy League college, while they continue to learn less, as you pay more, for an education rooted in Progressive think that is basically – worthless.

This latest shenanigans from the Virginia teacher, will be gone from the headlines by lunch, and as the schools across the nation continue to churn out substandard educations, is there not an argument for, at some point, firing first the union, and secondly those substandard teachers, paying a higher salary to those who deserve it, and raising the status of the educator from that of a blue collar union worker, to a degreed professionally worthy of all the benefits and salary implied.

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