Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Romney Tax Return (PDF) 2010 - Pays 6.2 Million Tax on $45 Million

There is certainly nothing wrong with Capitalism, nor the Free Market, and Mitt Romney, who claims to be a self-made man, has earned significant sums in order to pay significant taxes. The full tax return is available at Romney's Campaign Website. This is a 2010 release - there is also a 2011 estimated release available. What is not available are tax returns showing his income under his firm, Bain Capital. Romney is under no obligation to release his returns from Bain, however, it is that income that has comes under the most scrutiny during the campaign. Romney's tax state is not listed (or blocked) - if he had filed in Massachusetts, he would have had to provide proof of health insurance under the State's Mandated Health Care Program, and if he did not provide proof, would be assessed a fee equal to the state-run Commonwealth Care's policy, or for a family plan, approximately $400 per month. This fee is paid directly to the Massachusetts D.O.R., and if not paid, individuals face wage garnishment and or heavier fines. That would be his signature program from his Govenorship.

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