Thursday, January 26, 2012

Michael Steele: New GOP Entrant “Stupid”, Pollsters Asks The Question, People Answer – It’s That Simple

It’s the same old story, everyone wants a headline, and since there are so many polls, competition is getting tough, especially with a GOP field that is both contentious and solid – add to that mix, a Washington Elite fear of New Gingrich, and one gets the impression that those on the “right” including pollsters, who might take advantage of the situation, plant some doubt across the field and grab a headline. This is especially true of the Rasmussen Reports release yesterdayof a poll where 33% (34%) of “GOP voters say it would be good if new candidate enters the race”. Of course, when someone is asked a question, they tend to give an answer – it’s not a bad question, it’s just an odd question, considering the field began with eight candidate and has winnowed down to four. The problem with the four current candidates is obvious if one is in Washington and wants everything to remain the status quo.

Mitt Romney is imploding by now he should have been the front-runner, everyone said he would be the front-runner, from the pundits to the media, but that circumstance changed when Rick Santorum came out of nowhere to win Iowa by a handful of votes, (Romney at first was declared the winner), Romney won one of his home states (New Hampshire), and then Newt Gingrich, the most feared of all candidates by the same pundits, won by an historical margin in South Carolina. They are now in Florida where it appears the polls are either Romney or Gingrich neck and neck, or Gingrich leading Romney. It is the RNC’s worst nightmare, a candidate that will buck the system, and who is not perfect in the shinny, brand new toy at the age of 60, practically inhuman way one in that arena would expect. Perhaps that’s why Gingrich appeals to most of the electorate (even nationally), to Republican’s to Tea Party Leaner’s, to Independents and yes, to Democrats. Which, if one were rational and not so heavily vested in holding on to some “power”, would consider the perfect candidate?

Understandably, there are those who find the field weak, from the perspective of a Democrat operative, if one doesn’t’ say the most ridiculous things – then one isn’t doing one’s job.
Finally, someone with a bit of knowledge figured out that the four left standing, Paul, Gingrich, Romney and Santorum, are all just fine, and that any one of them (and by that this blog means any one of them) would be able to best the President and take back the White House. That individual may not sit well with country club Republican and pundits, but – in a word – tough.

In a piece by the Daily Caller Michael Steele, former Chair of the RNC, made some pretty smart points – (par usual), one, a late entrant would not be on the ballot in several states, (see Andrea Mitchell and insider knowledge that the Republican Elites will foist whoever they want on the rank and file at a brokered convention), and that the rank and file, would abandon the party if they felt that a candidate was being “foisted” on them.

No kidding, the Romney 24/7 shove down one’s throat coverage, has, if one wants to be realistic, pushed Romney down to a repeat performance of 2008 –which, those elites should have seen that coming – anyone with any sense of logistics understands that to win the White House, one must perform well in the South, and Romney just does not do it. If he somehow manages to squeak out a win in Florida, it is not predictive, due to the fact that a) it’s a big state with a 50% of the population from northern climes, and b) they have lost half their delegates in holding the primary earlier than allowed. Frankly, it might be, at this point, difficult for Romney to win Nevada.

That aside, the fact that the race continues is contrary to the notion that one must wrap it up early, get the nominee that’s approve by the Bush’s and the Coulter’s and the rest of whoever thinks they know better than the rank and file, is also outright stupid. The longer the race goes on, the more attention these nominees get, and if the battle goes on, it readies the eventual nominee for the assault coming from the left. To date, the one candidate that appears the least rattled by attacks and most sane when it comes to answering charges is one Newt Gingrich. Gingrich, by the way, is getting blamed for running ads (his super PAC) against poor Mittens Romney, when Romney’s PAC ads began in Iowa and decimated Gingrich – it’s the same scorched earth policy Romney employed in 2008 and was partially responsible for his campaign imploding by February of that year, and yet, the media ignores Romney and goes after Gingrich as if he were the anti-Christ of Republicans for answering false charges brought by an increasingly desperate Mitt Romney!

Therefore, let the chips fall where they may – for example this blog supports a Gingrich candidacy, for the following reasons: his baggage is old baggage, and it’s all public record, he is the smartest guy in the room, contrary to Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter, he hasn’t had a meltdown as predicted although they continue to try their best to help out Romney. Lastly, he got things done, in every field he choose, a Renaissance man, if one will, that was successful in Congress, until he bucked his own party, and then became so powerful that the Democrats had to trump up charges (all of which were dismissed, and he paid not a fine, but legal fees – he actually reimbursed the government then he fell on the sword and left the office (it is in the public record) Compare to Democrats Charles Rangles and Barney Frank – for how not to behave. Finally, someone who can literally unhinge the country club elitist of the RNC so badly has to be just right. It’s just an opinion of one conservative who has had to hold their nose and vote for candidates that were not perfect, in the sense that they were bound to lose the race – (Dole, McCain, perfect examples – who the Elites wanted versus anyone else who would have been a better choice.) One who wants someone who will turn on both parties when wrong, correct the media, reach across the aisle and get things done, and who's the smartest guy in the room. (This is worth repeating and repeating, and repeating)

Does this mean that if Rick Santorum or Ron Paul becomes the nominee that they will not have full support? Not one bit, however, coming from Massachusetts it may be difficult to cast a vote for the man who drove up the fees on every single service (from the DMV to fishing licenses to dog licenses), put into place a medical plan that drove personal premiums up over 60% in the last 5 years, and well, has positions that are not that much different than the current occupant – that vote may be hard to cast, if not impossible.
A third person entering the race, be it Jeb Bush, or pick anyone, would further drive the likely voter over the edge, and a third party candidate just might end up with a hefty amount of votes in protest.

Therefore, it’s not just stupid, it’s dangerous, as it would split the field and alienate the group that is not: the Beltway elites and pundits.

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