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Sarah Palin Home Purchase – Arizona Democrat Party Fundraiser Attempt Fuels Speculation and becomes “News”

Sarah Palin Arizona? - image from AZ Democrat Party Website

Not for nothing, but one has to ask the question: “Is a rumor started by a Democrat State Party in order to raise funds, really news?” The rampant speculation that former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin has purchased a home in Arizona in order to a) based a 2012 GOP Presidential bid, or b) run for an open Senate Seat in that state, began with a fundraising attempt by the Arizona Democrat Party Fundraiser:

Dear Friend,
Politico reported earlier today that Sarah Palin is eyeing Scottsdale to launch her bid for the White House.
"But I'm told Palin's camp is, at least, holding preliminary talks about how a campaign would look if she decides to run. One early decision, a source says: It would be based in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Bristol Palin recently bought a house in nearby Maricopa." - Politico, March 9, 2011.
There is even political chatter of her looking at Arizona's open Senate seat.
The Politico article summed it up: "Arizona carries its own significance: […] It's also the core of the politically contested, fast-growing new West."
Help us send a strong message that Arizona should not be a stepping stone for extremist politicians and their radical agendas. Contribute to the Arizona Democratic Party.
2012 will be an important year for Arizona, and it starts now.
On Sunday, The Washington Post reported that President Obama's 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, "has his eye on states like Arizona, where he argues that McCain's absence from the ballot will give the president a better chance this time around."
Please give $5, $10, $20 today to help the Arizona Democratic Party become the "big-tent" home to not just Democrats, but Independents and Republicans disillusioned with the direction of our state.
The big secret is out: Arizona is ripe for a sea change to elect leaders who represent mainstream Arizona values like a strong economy, safe streets, and better schools.

The fact that Politico reported on Bristol Palin’s home purchase in March which was used by the Arizona Democrat Party as a Fundraiser, with zero proof of a Palin move, should have ended with the fundraiser letter, but it was enough for the Arizona Republic to post the question to readers: “Sarah Palin Buys a House in North Scottsdale?” The article begins by noting that speculation was the root of the story – an apparent “tip” from a Democrat State Rep and the Democrat Party Website Fundraiser letter noted above, demanded investigative reporting. The finding – a real estate deal that took place in Arizona by a firm that shields the identity of “a high profile buyer”, followed by calls by the Republic to both the firm’s lawyer and anyone remotely connected to Palin produced one “no comment” (the firm) and the mention that the reporter(s) were “unable to reach” (Palin, her aides and her PAC) (Arizona Republic).

When a firm is specifically hired to protect the identity of a purchase by any party, and then asked who that party might be from several sources, a “no comment” hardly constitutes a “yes, absolutely”. The buyer of this property could be anyone; it could even be The President, if one wanted to speculate on a “high profile” individual. However, rumors in this case, turn to “gossip – new” from the Arizona Republic to the Huffington Post, a month passed and the networks are now reporting on the Home Purchase by Sarah Palin – Seriously.

ABC News today: “Sarah Palin Buys Arizona Mansion: Reports”: rehashes the speculation noted in the original Arizona Republic Story (sans the fact that the AZ Democrat Party used a snippet from an article from Politico regarding Bristol Palin, took that and turned it into Sarah Palin, which then resulted in finding a real estate deal which is “sealed” for all intents and purposes.) by contacting the same Real Estate firm, with – the same results.

Suddenly, hundreds of references to this “story” from left, right and center news organizations are to be found under “Google News” search. What boggles the mind is the acceptable process for news has now become akin to the journalistic skills of National Enquirer reporters circa 1977. (The National Enquirer of that time, based out of Lantana Florida employed bad pre-photo-shopped distorted photo’s, and articles that begged lawsuits.) It is amazing the amount of time and effort that goes into the rumor mill that is allegedly reporting by sound news organizations today – and what is considered to be a “story”. One must note that the word “speculation” is used frequently by most “reports”, however, the intent to make something out of what may be nothing is amazing.

Is begs the question, does anyone with an ability to read and decipher the written word (or “news” report) buy this as news? Is it no wonder that in Gallup’s Confidence in Institution Poll released annually, shows that both newspapers and television news as of July 8, 2010, ranked out of 16 institutions, with the Congress listed as dead last: 10th (Newspapers), and 12th (Television News)? Those that are supposed to keep the public informed with impeccable facts and reporting are trusted just as much as HMO’s, Big Businesses, Banks and Organized Labor.
The multitude of articles that have been written on the subject, specifically those from allegedly “trusted sources” should have led with the Fundraiser that was fueled by an article on the daughter, and based on a purchase that no-one, besides the firm, has a clue of whom the owner may be - that’s the story.

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