Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Hampshire House Seeks to Override Bill Allowing Unions to Collect Fees from Non-Union Members: Right To Work in New Hampshire

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From the Boston Globe: The New Hampshire Legislature will be voting to override a veto by the Democrat Governor John Lynch, on a bill that would bar unions from “collecting a share of bargaining and administrative costs from non-members.” NPR notes that the “Right to Work” law was approved by the Republican controlled legislature, then vetoed by the Democrat Governor.

The fact that the Governor of New Hampshire believes it is “fair” that unions are able to charge non-members for bargaining and “administrative” costs is plainly put – ridiculous. Union membership has been on the decline, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: at 11.3 percent in 2010 almost a full point lower than the previous year. Of specific interest is that public employee’s union membership was up 36% over the private sector unions at approximately 7%. Therefore, the fate of funds for the New Hampshire Public Employee Unions is most likely on the line.
With the “Stimulus” funds, which created mainly government jobs versus private sector jobs, those funds also had a “shelf life”, and are about to expire. States and their respective municipalities, that used these funds to “create and save” public employee jobs, are now scrambling to come to a solution and most often, the Unions are in histrionics over the results. In nearby Massachusetts, even the bluest state, has been seeking way in which to curb collective bargaining when it comes to health and pensions, a bill, passed by the Democrat controlled Commonwealth Legislature did just that in April of this year. (Boston Globe).

Simply put the states, and cities can no longer afford to function with high priced public employee unions. Unfortunately, there are unions that should be considered “untouchable” by any government and those are the unions that cover our public service employees who put life and limb on the line for the protection of the individual – Fire and Police. Unfortunately, other unions with a great deal of clout, that cover teachers, and administrative personnel, or those who hold high degrees and are in no wise, in fear of losing life and limb, make up the majority of the public employee unions (Bureau of Labor Statistics) – Would those types of positions be treated as private sector, it would serve two purposes: one allowing incompetent workers to get the boot, and two, allowing successful professionals to achieve more in salary and status through results. (Refer to study on Teachers Unions and the decline of U.S. Education since inception here ”Study concludes teachers should be laid off based on Low Student Test Scores not Seniority”)

The New Hampshire Unions that are seeking to fleece non-members for administrative costs, and are given a green light by the Governor to do just that, screams clout of unions when it comes to control over the Democrat Party. In a recent decision by AFLCIO union contributions to Democrat Candidates will be based on the level of support for same, which which speaks to the need for unions to grab dollars where-ever they can, even from non-union members, in order to continue to contribute to their chosen political party on a national level.
Therefore high marks go to the New Hampshire Legislature for attempting to override the Governor’s veto.

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