Sunday, August 15, 2010

Election 2010 – The Democrats Debate: Rachel Brown (D) versus Incumbent “Barney Frank” (D) Sponsored by The Brookline Democrat Committee

In the interest of the Public, and for those Democrats who read this blog - The video below, from Rachel Brown for Congress, shows the Democrat primary line-up for 2010, as well as the policy of both Brown and Frank. Frank must first face Rachel Brown in the primary on September 14th, the winner of that primary will go on to face the winner of the Republican Primary (Sean Bielat or Earl Sholley) for the privilege of serving the people of the 4th Congressional District, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

While Brown, in the video, calls for the Impeachment of Obama, Frank has called out Obama for not being as hard on the GOP as he should have. Frank does not call for the impeachment of Obama.

The Democrats:

Barney Frank:
Rachel Brown:

The Republicans:

Sean Bielat
Earl Sholleysholleyfor

Follow the Money: FEC (Federal Election Commission)
Through 6/30/2010
Sean Bielat: $179,479 net receipts $84,403 net disbursements $95,076 net cash $30,000 loans
Rachel Brown: $23,163 net receipts $22,032 net disbursements $1,130 net cash $0 loans
Barney Frank: $2,224,503 net receipts $1,416,776 net disbursements$981,168 net cash , $0 loans
Earl Sholley: $73,134 net receipts $62,468 net disbursements $11,153 net cash $11,750 loans

It is the logic of most political pundits and analysts that money talks - however, a recent race in the California 8th proved otherwise in the Republican primary where John Dennis ($654,494 net receipts $596,796 net disbursements $57,698 net cash $52,722 loans) defeated Dana Walsh ($1,973,156 net receipts $2,007,355 net disbursements $48,990 net cash $50,518 net loans), going on to face incumbent Nancy Pelosi ($1,983,554 net receipts $2,085,218 net disbursements $214,046 net cash, $0 net loans)

Therefore, in this scenario it was the boots on the ground that ruled the CA 8th District Republican primary - it follows therefore, that anything can happen in the 4th District Primary.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched her debate with Frank (she got 16-18% of the vote btw.. not very good) and she had to ASK Barney at one point what a major labor bill actually was. She is in SO WAY over her head. Her ego must be enormous to be able to actually put herself through this farce.

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