Thursday, July 29, 2010

AZ Illegal Immigration Ruling - State and Local Police Cannot Enforce Federal Crimes – Bolton Bypasses Constitution Joins DOJ in promotion of Racism

First, it should come as no surprise to anyone, least of all Arizona Govenor Jan Brewer, that Justice Susan Bolton, a Clinton Appointee, neutered the State of Arizona’s police departments by legislating from the bench and striking down SB1070’s most basic provisions. The question now remains, will Brewer get this before the Supreme Court in time before criminals nationwide, including untold millions of illegal aliens, understand the true nature of the ruling vis a vis separation of state and federal statutes.

What is not legal according to Bolton: (LA Times Coverage Source): one cannot be asked for identification papers in order to determine citizenship, therefore, should a police officer stop anyone for committing a crime, they cannot, according to Bolton, be required to show identification – regardless of race or ethnicity. Further, this particular Federal Judge felt "the United States is likely to suffer irreparable harm" if her court did not block the selected parts of the law.” This based on the Justice Departments argument regarding the right of the Federal Government to trump States Rights in a so-called “Supremacy Clause” – which, anyone with a basic grasp of the English language, the ability to read and a copy of the Constitution of the United States will find does not contain a reference to the borders or handling of illegal immigrants.

The “irreparable harm” Bolton refers to is that federal agencies would be overburdened should police actually make arrests based on someone committing the Federal Crime of being in the United States without having gone through the legal steps of applying for a visa to enter. Therefore, Bolton’s ruling admits the Federal Government cannot control the border, and instead of allowing the State of Arizona to protect itself from the criminals crossing back and forth between the United States and Mexico, she cited the Supremacy clause, which again, does not apply.

University Law Professors across the nation jumped in, along with the racist (See Eric Holder failing to prosecute Black Panthers threatening potential voters in Philadelphia – another Federal Crime – due to race) Department of Justice.. Of course, this ruling and the lack of ruling the part of the DOJ vis a vis the Black Panthers, is based purely on speculation that those illegal immigrants will be voting for a particular party, along with anyone of African American decent. It has done nothing but promote an increase in racially (or ethnically based on anyone of Spanish, Irish, ec. Decent) prejudice.

Therefore, now that this ridiculous ruling has been handed down, police can no longer require identification when stopping anyone for a crime (yes, stretching, however, what Defense Attorney worth their salt won’t try to use it?), has made it specifically clear that the United States Federal employees are not up to the task of handling the protection of our borders and has laid the foundation for a deep-seated resentment towards those of Hispanic Decent. A resentment that has been growing leaps and bounds since – 2008.

Prior to the 2008 presidential race, racism in its basic forms, did exist in the United States, regardless of one’s background, there’s a good chance a joke existed, and or downright discrimination – but it was limited, as it is unlikely that the press would have let something as abhorrent as racism (lump ethnicity in there), go by without notice. However, what has happened since, is an explosion of active racism, across the board, fueled by a media that is in bed with an administration using “race baiting” in order to gain political clout – and it is about to backfire. From the very young, to those not so young, regardless of whether one is white, black or brown, a division now exists that is deplorable - how many instances such as the following do not make the old fish wrap?

White Man attacked by African American’s for listening to “rap music” and Violent Act of Racism troubles teens and parents are two examples, additionally, one could cite the Pheobe Prince Suicide Case in Hadley Massachusetts, where, being of Irish decent, the young Price girl was dubbed an “Irish Slut”.

The more differences between American’s are pointed out, the more our children apparently react negatively and on all sides. What more, when adults set up the parameters for discrimination (assuming Justice Bolton is an adult, along with the staff members of the current DOJ), that gives license and incites racist behavior by our youth.

Yesterday ruling, coupled with the news that Mexican nationals were patrolling in New York State to prevent attacks on Mexicans,(here illegally one might add), giving those from foreign countries more rights than a police officer in Arizona (or any of the other fifty states) became immediate fodder for the “MySpace crowd”.

One thinks one’s children are not paying attention – think again. Years spent insuring that racism never factored into a household has been irradiated by the circumstances set up by this administration, the media, and the harebrained ruling of the aforementioned Justice. As adults, for the most part, understand that angst can be taken out at the ballot box, teens who are vying for summer construction jobs, or any type of job, for that matter, whether these jobs exist or not, are pointing fingers at those who are here illegally – these children come from homes that are decidedly Progressive, or politically apathetic.

Should the emphasis be made that all citizens of the United States, regardless of color or ethnicity, are just that, United States Citizens, then cries of racism and crimes against those who, white, black, Irish, would be lessened if not eradicated over time. As to those who are here illegally, be they Mexican, Irish, or of some other nationality – conditions in Mexico – being so untenable, should perhaps be allowed to apply for political asylum, renounce their Mexican citizenship and become productive citizens of the United States.

As it stands now, the November elections will be a referendum on not only health care reform, the debt, the jobless, entitlements run amok, and now, illegal immigration and the need for our nation to go back to the basics of the Constitution. Disclaimer - The author of this blog is a proud first generation American of Spanish Descent.

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