Saturday, May 15, 2010

Massachusetts 4th District Update – Barney Frank 2010 Challengers Sean Bielat and Earl Sholley Updates

Red Massachusetts? Sean Bielat running against Barney Frank in the 4th District - photo Massachsuetts election blog

A recent op-ed by Washington Examiner columnist, William Krystol asks: “Red Massachusetts?” Krystol got a tip from a friend of his that the political climate in Massachusetts has changed over the past year, beginning with Scott Brown’s election, and most recently the election of Richard Ross to Brown’s vacated State Senate Seat. Ross, as a Republican, garnered 62% of the vote in this heavily Democrat State district. He goes further to speak about Congressional Districts that are in play: the Massachusetts 5th, the Massachusetts 10th and the Massachusetts 4th. He did not mention, the Hamden 2nd, where incumbent Democrat Richard Neal is facing Dr. Jay Fleitman, of Northampton, who is quite capable of taking Neal’s seat come November. Fleitman made his candidacy official on May 11th, turning in over 3700 signatures (2,000 required) to the Statehouse.

Earl Sholley running for 4th District - Photo by Steve Azzara, PR Web

Over in the 4th District, Sean Bielat, ( who made his campaign official on May 11th, according to the Boston Globe. Bielat will face a primary challenge from Earl Sholley ( the opportunity to unseat Barney Frank of Freddie and Fannie fame. Sholley’s Campaign Manager, Lisa Camp, recently announced her resignation, along with Deputy Campaign Manager, Joseph Lydon in a press release dated May 12th. Camp, one of the who’s who of the Mike Huckabee 2008 Presidential Campaign, noted differences in campaign management style as reason for her departure. Camp, who had worked on the Sholley campaign since May of 2009 noted: "Both Joe and I wish Mr. Sholley well in the balance of his campaign," said Ms. Camp, "and we believe that either Mr. Sholley or his opponent, Sean Bielat, is better suited to hold the Congressional Seat currently held by incumbent, Barney Frank." There has been no comment from the Sholley Campaign.

Lisa Camp, Resigns as Sholley Campaign Manager - image Facebook

Of interest however, is that both Camp and Lydon are both noted grass-roots activist on the South Coast, where Bielat may be lacking some support. The announcement came on the heels of Bielat's Press Conference announcing his candidacy.

Meanwhile, Over at Public Policy Polling Blog they are asking which districts to poll next. Comments for polling the Massachusetts 4th appear to be leading.

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Anonymous said...

Bummer Sholley lost his campaign management team. What could this mean?

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