Sunday, May 23, 2010

Charles Djou Takes Hawaii 1st District, First Republican to win 1st District in 20 Years

Republican, Charles Djou, New Congressman of the Hawaii 1st District - photo: hiphoprepublican blog

With all of the votes tallied, Charles Djou, the Republican candidate for the 1st Hawaii Congressional District, was the clear winner is last night’s election. Djou bested two Democrats, Hanabusa and Case, who were fighting for the same seat. The national DNC pulled out of Hawaii’s first district a month ago, putting a stop to the attack ads against Djou. Hanabusa, the moderate and Case, the Progressive, fought it out for months with Hanabusa refusing to step aside. Djou, won with 39.1% of the votes, there were 14 candidates for the seat.

The district, symbolically, is a blow to Progressive Democrats, as it was the childhood home of President Barak Obama, and another boost to the GOP heading into the November elections. To date, the GOP has won the majority of key special elections with victories in the Virginia Governor’s race, the New Jersey Governors Race, the Massachusetts Senate Race, and, although a Democrat Primary, the defeat of Arlan Spector in Pennsylvania’s Senate primary, which gives Republican Toomey the advantage. Special House elections, however, normally do not go the way of the GOP, making Hawaii the first this year. The other House races of note, however, were not particularly DNC sweeps: the New York 23rd saw a flawed GOP candidate bested by a Conservative, splitting the vote, when pressed, the GOP candidate endorsed the Democrat. In the Pennsylvania 12th, the Democrat ran on Republican issues, and must run for re-election in November.

Trends nationwide, show a clear advantage for Republican’s going into November with a real probability of taking control of both the House and the Senate.

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