Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trouble in the Empire State – Democrats in Chaos – New York Press Takes Sides

It is apparent that the political dynamics in the State of New York are in a state of confusion, at least as far as the Democrat Party is concerned – The Governor and the State Assembly have been the focus of headlines the past few days, none of which are flattering. Patterson, has no chance of being elected to a second term, according to a poll conducted by the New York Times - currently 7 in 10 New York residents feel Patterson should not maintain his office. In Albany, after a Democrat aided Republican takeover of the State Senate Monday, the Democrats had locked themselves in the Chamber in a fit of frustration, insuring that working for the people does not trump personal gain. What is truly interesting is the way in which the Democrats who sided with the Republican’s are being treated in the press:

From the New York Times:

We’re still puzzling out how these defections came about and what tawdry promises were made.

The Times; however was complementary when it came to the foot on the other side of the ideological driven editorial shoe of the paper:

Mr. Specter announced his unexpected switch of political loyalties on Tuesday, saying that he was leaving the Republican Party because it had shifted far to the right of his views and because he did not think he could overcome a primary challenge next year. His move bolstered President Obama at a pivotal moment for his policy agenda and further marginalizing Republicans on Capitol Hill by bringing the Democratic majority within reach of a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the chamber.

Therefore, according to the Times, should a Republican switch sides, he/she is making a smart move, however, should a Democrat, even at the State Level, does the same, that individual is treated to intense scrutiny. In the case of Espada and Monserrate, who voted with the New York Republicans to accomplish the change in power, the wrath of CBS (both the local affiliate and national news) is apparent. In every article regarding the event, mention is made of alleged improprieties on the part of both men (one for wearing an orange ski hat when confronted by an anchor, and the other regarding an alleged domestic dispute).

One wonders why these two Democrats are not being given the same excusatory treatment as Massachusetts Rep., Barney Frank received from this same New York Media, when faced with a prostitution scandal (one in which he admitted guilt). Had Frank represented New York in the Congress, they may have thrown a parade.

One Saving Grace: The New York Post - never fails to amuse and take a centered approach in its tabloid style: The Headline: ”Albany’s Bozos Are in the Dark”, most likely speaks to the sentiment of most of the New York Electorate.

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Chuck said...

Your dead on about the difference on how these men and Specter were treated. Alos, interesting that the NYT is now dragging the men through the mud, welcome to the Republican Party.

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