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The Non-Feud (Palin vs. Letterman) Sarah Palin Shows Class while Letterman Wallows in Abject Self-Importance

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David Letterman, CBS’s early late evening talk/variety show host, made the tactical mistake of taking an “alleged” joke too far early this week. Mr. Letterman makes no excuses nor hides the fact that he follows the Progressive Left ideology – one need only try and watch the show for 10 minutes and it is glaringly apparent that Mr. Letterman feels he is an “elitist”, one who, through “comedy”, reaches the masses in order to educate them regarding the good “Democrats” versus and one remotely “Conservative”. In this instance, Mr. Letterman attacked the favorite target of the left, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, early remarks clearly went towards the woman’s appearance, and Letterman suggested that she looked more the prostitute. He did not stop there, however, he went on to insinuate that her youngest daughter (14 years old), was sleeping with a 34 year old celebrity baseball player. No matter now one slices it, there was no way to consider the remarks made to be humorous in the least, but, it is the norm for those on the Progressive side to step down into the trenches from their lofty elite positions in order to offer up base opinions on those with whom they politically disagree – and that apparently extends to family members.

Letterman with Obama - Ideology Trumps Civility -photo Swamp Blog

Conservative Groups and those News Outlets that had any sense of decency, reported on the incident with justified outrage. The Palins reacted with little more than a statement of “disgust” that anyone in the public eye would think that it was fine and dandy to make such remarks.

Following the hailstorm of criticism from conservatives (who, one must remind Mr. Letterman are at the least 50% of the population and growing), he issued a semi-apology on his program. That was the subject of many a pundit last evening over on the Fox News Channel.

What one finds most interesting is according to ABC news Mr. Letterman, would like to have the Governor appear on his show. Obviously Letterman is aware that the opposition over at NBS has seen a sudden rise in ratings since he uttered those obscenities, and the need to pump the ratings is immediate. However, Sarah Palin, one of the most astute women in government today, understood the motivation and declined – nothing that she would prefer, given the circumstances, not to aid Mr. Letterman’s ratings. Therefore, there will be no Trump-Rosie feud for Letterman.

The real question surfaces – how important are these “entertainers” anyhow? In the grand scheme of things, what can Brad Pitt, or George Clooney, or Rosie O’Donnell, or name a celebrity, do to have an impact on the general public (other than to throw money at the Democrat National Committee and any candidate they put forth)? One would hazard to guess, that in reality, only those who are in that 30 percentile of “committed” leftist that actually might vote in this country may take someone like a Moore, or Clooney or even Letterman, seriously. The rest are smart enough to realize that they are merely actors or radio talk show hosts (this goes to the right as well), who have less education (formal) than the average guy or gal, and although they have a right to an opinion – “Who cares?”.

David Letterman counts on comedy and guests to keep his ratings, as well as sponsors – should those independents and conservatives who tune in find him not-funny, they’ll tune out and go elsewhere (again see Conan’s rankings rising and he’s not particularly funny either – but one can bet the house, he won’t go where Letterman went).

Women, in particular, any woman with a feminist bone in her body, should not be tuning into Letterman, or for that matter, any program that pointedly insults or insinuates negative anti-feminist rhetoric towards any woman, regardless of party ideology – those women should understand that the stereotype applied to Governor Palin this week, will be applied to them, or their daughters, or granddaughters, should this trend go unanswered. It is unthinkable that those so-called “Feminist Organizations” such as NOW, haven’t stepped up to the plate, unless and until one examines the low membership numbers and finds that particular organization is growing more irrelevant by the day, as far as issues of concern for real women are concerned. Therefore, those real feminists (regardless of organization, if any) should send Letterman a message; whether by turning him off, writing him a letter, or as suggested by the bloggers over at Hillbuzz, contact every sponsor and let them know how a women feels about Mr. Letterman’s comments.
Hillbuzzhas a very specific list of sponsors, including Kellogg’s, and the blog includes a tutorial on writing letters to Corporate Executives.

In the final analysis of the entire brouhaha, Governor Palin will continue to attain new highs, as she fights for those in home State of Alaska, as well as conservative principals and humanitarian projects around the country, while the curmudgeon Mr. Letterman, will be confined to his late-night bubble, living for ratings and wallowing in self-importance. The media (those which are considered mainstream), would give Letterman a pass, considering their views of Governor Palin, which is the bigger hurdle the Governor faces. Have no doubts, she will, in time, prove to those sniggering in editorial rooms over Letterman’s base remarks, that she has more import and impact on the nation, than any late-night television entertainer – it will be the dwindling subscribers sand viewers that will have the final say.


Chuck said...

Letterman may have more problems than Palin. I only caught the tailend of it on Fox this morning but supposedly a prominent womens group NOW (maybe?) has come out and criticized the jokes. He kept it up last night supposedly. It is not impossible he could lose his job if CBS continues taking a hit for him and his ratings start dropping.

Waddie said...

Letterman is a bitter guy, he used to be funny, I used to like his show.

He simply has allowed his hatred for conservatives and moral people to get in the way.

David Letterman is obsolete.

Jennifer said...

Hi there,

Thanks for creating this blog! I love it. I think true feminists need to band together in support of Sarah and her family.

Take care,

SaraQuestions said...

Unfortunately, mainstream feminism is no longer representative of all women. It represents only a select few that tend to be quite liberal. They don't represent Sarah Palin and thus care less what happens to her. My hope is that some sort of feminist organization will decide to become more "open-minded" and reach out to all women... not just those that have their tiny worldview.

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