Friday, May 15, 2009

The Beginning of The End – Pelosi Visibly Stumbles Through Press Conference – A Gift to Political Anti-Feminists.

Nancy Pelosi - Damaging Women's Interests at Home and Abroad - photo: cinie's world wordpress (PUMA)

Nancy Pelosi, in pushing for criminal investigations of Bush Administration officials who approved certain “enhanced interrogation” techniques, appeared to be true to form – making good on promises to constituents and leftist groups to prosecute the Bush administration over the Iraq War and specifically, the alleged torture of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay’s Military prison. Pelosi, the First Female Speaker of the House, hails from California’s 8th District, which includes the infamous Mecca of American counter-culture, San Francisco. The City best known for its famed Haight Ashbury neighborhood, where the 1960’s Hippies anti-war and “tune-in and drop-out” culture has its roots, needed a Congressional representative that held solid left-of-center views, although historically and culturally, archaic, which were in sync with the City’s culture. Nancy Pelosi fit that profile, and has spent years perfecting anti-conservative, anti-war, pro-“choose a current cause” rhetoric in order to reach out to those Progressive groups both inside and outside the 8th District – a true Heroine of the Left.

Like so many of those associated with that 1960’s hippies counter-culture, Pelosi has the financial resources at hand in order to maintain her position of power, and has spent her time in the senate promoting and supporting legislation that those in the middle or to the right of center, might find reprehensible. (Considering Women’s Rights to be based soley on abortion, for example – see voting record) More over, like so many prominent leaders of the Feminist Movement, Nancy Pelosi ”married well - and uses the benefit of her husband’s resources to continue to support the ideology that is the 8th district.

Ms. Pelosi was at the top of the heap, Speaker of the House, representing California’s 8th in style, until this past week, when questions began to arise as to Ms. Pelosi’s knowledge of the use of “enhanced interrogation” techniques. Apparently, Ms. Pelosi was personally aware of and approved of the use of said techniques, and has spent the last week, back peddling in obvious panic – placing the blame for her support squarely on anyone but herself. This culminated in a total meltdown before journalists yesterday, (You Tube video below) where stringing two coherent words together became difficult for the otherwise lucid Pelosi.

True to form, what is left of the one strong San Fransisco Chronicle gave a slightly different version of events; applauding Ms. Pelosi for accusing the CIA of torture, while pointing out that she has sustained political damage nationwide, which she, will, of course overcome. One has to understand that Ms. Pelosi has become an overnight sensation as the butt of late night television jokes, and her credibility as an effective leader is fast vanishing.

Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, despite the fact that she has the full support of the Chronicle, she will face an opponent for her House Seat in 2010. Additionally, residents of the district have full access to news sources other than the Chronicle, and they may be fully aware that, at one point, Ms. Pelosi fully supported the use of the same “enhanced interrogation” techniques that she has so publicly denounced. Further, her inability to formulate a timeline, without the appearance of intentionally misleading her constituents, is where the damage lies. Therefore, despite all the money and the power behind Ms. Pelosi, 2010 may truly be the year in which Cindy Sheehan’s is successful in her quest for the 8th District Congressional seat.

Although one may not hold the same political viewpoints as Ms. Pelosi, the Speaker, did at first, make history for women, by virtue of her position as the first female Speaker of the House. That said, she has, in her inability to remain consistent, failed to represent women nationwide as they truly are, rather she sets an example of one consisted housewife, who’s rich husband financed her into a position two heartbeats away from the President of the United States, and is visibly incapable of maintain grace under pressure. Unlike Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a moderate, (who continues to appeal to those traditional Democrats, Independents and even, yes, Conservative Feminists), Pelosi lacks the centrist credentials that would allow her to save face. (Some may recall that Ms. Pelosi strongly pushed for Ms. Clinton’s removal from the 2008 primary in favor of Barack Obama’s candidacy, and it was Ms. Pelosi’s daughter, who cast the 5th Super Delegate vote, handing the nomination to Obama, regardless of the outcome of the popular primary vote. Unfortunately, for women who aspire to higher office, regardless of party or ideology, they will now be faced with greater scrutiny because of the antics of the Speaker of the House.

Her actions and subsequent meltdown are understandable on a humanistic level: Had she been honest and noted that she was fully aware of said “interrogation techniques” from the get-go, she would have alienated her base back in the Haight, and by doing so, endanger her position in the Congress (facing re-election 2010), however, had she been straightforward, she would have at the very least, done a great service for women by acting in a manner that would have been consistent with every other male politician alive - simply stating she had a change of heart would have gone miles towards saving face, the worst case, she would have been nationally known as a “flip-flopper”. She was caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place” and could not manage to escape.
It remains to be seen how the 8th District will truly react, given its history, however, Ms. Pelosi actions have set the wheels in motion for the elevation of a new Speaker, and, should there be a credible Democrat and woman who is capable of ascending to that seat, one can bet the House that she will be cast aside for the first male that puts forth his bid for such a lofty position.


Ralph Short said...

Tina, I watched her "performance" on this whole issue and it was absolutely terrible. She has lied and distorted facts so many times over the years in order to obtain political advantage that she is unable to see objective truth. That is the only conclusion I can reach as a result of her past efforts and her performance.

It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Tina Hemond said...

Hi Ralph, I think she's between a rock and a hard place here - Basically, should the press continue to push her - or if she continues her current line of reasoning (thereby digging a deeper hole), she's done - she's already lost most of her credibilty nationally - and now with the "revelation" that she knew and approved of certain techniques - anyone with some gumption can take the homefield - (ok, so, Cindy Sheehan.. but she strikes me as an honest crazy person). I agree, should be interesting to see how this plays out going into 2010

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