Saturday, May 16, 2009

Anti-Tax, Sharron Angle (R-NV), forms Exploratory Committee to oust Harry Reid.

Sharon Angle and Family

Sharron Angle, an anti-tax, fiscal conservative, who has an impeccable political pedigree, has announced her intention to run for the U.S. Senate against the decreasingly popular Harry Reid. Angle, a resident of Nevada for the past 50 years, is a traditional conservative– married to the same man for 35, wife and grandmother, who has an outstanding public service record, is throwing down the gauntlet against Harry Reid, whose experiencing a serious decline in popularity in the previously conservative Western State of Nevada.

Angle is not alone in a growing number of Republican members of the “oust Harry Reid” club. According to the Ely News

“ John G. Chachas, a managing director of Lazard Ltd., has been talking to Republican Party bigwigs in Nevada and Washington who are anxious to find a credible challenger to the Senate majority leader, sources said this week.

Chachas declined to comment Thursday on the speculation about his potential candidacy.

Chachas' interest in the race is said to be active but preliminary: He feels strongly that Reid could be felled by a strong opponent and would be willing to step into that role if no other satisfactory candidate does, but he might not make a decision for several months, according to people who have spoken to him and who discussed the matter on condition of anonymity.” Article from 3/29/09.

It has also been rumored that former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, may also be considering a run against the lackluster Reid.

What is interesting in all this is that both men would have roots in Nevada, yet, may be perceived as “carpet baggers”. However, conservatives nationwide, (and those who may lean conservative) are currently inclined to vote (or financially support) against wasteful government spending and for any candidate that is “not” Harry Reid (or Barney Frank or possibly now, Nancy Pelosi).

Interesting facts: The State of Nevada, with a population of approximately, 2,600,167, based on 2008 estimates, has, according to the Secretary of State, Ross Miller (Democrat who recently filed charges against ACORN for voter fraud) there are currently 1,186, 878 registered voters in the State, 519,704 Registered Democrats, 181,233 unaffiliated, and 424,015
Registered Republicans, as of April, 2009.
One might observe that over 50% of the population in Nevada is registered to vote, an interestingly high figure. (See ACORN)

Although early in the 2010 political season, the national interest in Nevada is high, due to the embattled Reid. The taxing problem is just the ticket that may prove to benefit Ms. Engle. Nevada hosted 10 official “tax day tea party’s”, from Carson City to Las Vegas to Reno. Ms. Engle’s record on taxes is strong, and in the current economy, this will stand her in good political steed, regardless of the voters’ political affiliation. For more information on Ms. Engle, visit Sharron H/T to this blogs favorite Chicago Democrats, - read their take here.


Chuck said...

I think they will be lining up to run against Reid, he's toast. Fact I think it's unlikely he won't face a strong primary challenge.

As far as Miss Angle, she sounds good. I fear a repeat of the media treating her like Sarah Palin though. She's everything they hate.

Tina Hemond said...

Chuck, agreed, not sure about Angle, could be - when it comes to women running - especially conservative women that are, shockingly, mothers, it does not bode well - for that matter, look what happenned to Hillary Clinton! However, I think it will be interesting to watch the implosion in Nevada - Being here in the bluest state - waiting to see how the 4th district *(Barney Frank) plays out and develops.

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