Thursday, April 30, 2009

Deval Patrick – His Philosophy on Increasing The Mass Sales Tax

PT Barnum

Governor Deval Patrick, who recently vowed to Veto a bill passed by the Mass Legislature to raise the State Sales Tax by 25%, has now waxed philosophical about the extra burden on those citizens of the Commonwealth – he apparently has no “philosophical opposition” to the increase. In other words, in order to take the spotlight off the recent announcement that Christy Mihos will run against him in 2010, as a Republican, no less, Patrick momentarily found “anti-tax” religion. Less than a week hence, Patrick is now changing his tune back to the original Broadway version of “Tax Them till They Move to New Hampshire”, using the subtle yet eerily elite philosophical approach to a taxing problem.

Here’s the problem with the Sales Tax Increase – it’s one of many on the table that will hit all citizens in the Commonwealth – but especially those who are in the lower to middle income brackets - who, with the current state of the economy, can ill afford any additional tax burden. Rather, these citizens look to the administration to perhaps cut some of the deadwood in order to find a bit of extra cash, thus avoiding any additional taxes.

Howie Carr talk show host and op-ed columnist for the Boston Herald made a few valid recommendations in a recent column that would save the Bay State some significant cash, thereby eliminating a need for new taxes and fees. Point, if Howie Carr can come up with some well researched solutions to avoid taxation, why not the Governor? (No offense to Howie Carr, but it appears that just about anyone living in the Bay State can offer a solution that makes more sense than this current bunch of coconuts running the show).

Patrick and Obama –

Deval Patrick, the original “Yes We Can” yahoo, got the vote of the people based on the same old hook used by wolves in sheep’s clothing in every recent election – reduction of the tax burden on the middle class. The phrase, “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute”*, continues to apply – philosophically speaking.

*Interesting historical fact: P.T. Barnum did not initiate the phrase, rather one of his competitors, a man by the name of Hannon first used the phrase in a spat with Barnum over an alleged “giant made of stone”.

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