Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Central Massachusetts Swine Flu Latest Cases – CDC Fully Expects Fatalities Nationwide

The BostonGlobe has reported two cases of possible swine flu involving two pairs of siblings that had vacationed in Mexico over last week’s spring break. Both of the cases, one in Lowell and one in Spencer, involved children in elementary schools. Samples taken from the children’s pediatrician will be sent to the CDC for confirmation of the illness. The CDC has confirmed 5 cases of hospitalization, with an expectation of mortality from this particular strain.
Meanwhile, Sebelius was quickly confirmed by the Senate, although her track record of handling the job of Governor and her inability to pay taxes, may make Napolitano appear competent. As for the President, Barack Obama is asking that everyone remain calm.

US Representative, Ducan Hunter, has called for a border closing between his state, California. and Mexico as a precaution, however, Napolitano insists that the border will remain open “for now”. That said, with an open border policy, it may prove to be too little to late by the time the administration acts.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's administration has yet to issue any statement.

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