Friday, March 13, 2009

Obama Speaks to “Print Brethren” on Economics and Border Control

In a recent meeting with regional newspapers President Obama plead his case for the pork laden Omnibus Spending Bill( Text Here) by attacking opposition to the Bill by the GOP. Apparently, the President feels that Republicans should be saying “Yes” to whatever Congress throws at the Public, because “Saying No is Easy”. The assertion that Republican’s were the only one’s saying “No” to the massive budget is patently false. In a recent show of true bi-partisanship, Bayh (D), joined DeMint (R), in vocal opposition to the budget Further, the fact that Republican solutions existed, and were not heard – but blocked by Speaker Pelosi, has been reported.

The President then made a direct appeal to reporters to come to his aid and peddle his agenda to the people:

"all of which we name in the hopes that our dear readers will support the efforts of these great institutions in these difficult times for the country, and for our print brethren.
"I think that we can always do a better job" in communicating his administration's approach to fixing the financial mess, the president conceded.

It was time to deflect and move past the economic questions, therefore, Obama focused briefly on the newest rumor regarding his placement of U.S. Military on the Mexican Border, due to escalating violence creeping over the border from Mexico. In his initial remark, Obama noted that deployment of National Guard troops was a possibility, and closed with: “I’m not interested in militarizing the border.” (ABC) Further, CNN is reporting that the Pentagon has not received a request for border troops.

The problem with placing Troops on the border is twofold, one it would stop the flow of drug and gang traffic into the United States, thereby reducing Mexico’s GDP further, and two, it would prevent additional illegal entry by those who are still interested in crossing the border to the States. Additionally, Obama is not a fan of closed borders, rather he prefers immigration reform. (Otherwise known as open borders.)
The “press conference” was attended by reporters from the Birmingham News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Dallas Morning News, Albuquerque Journal, Denver Post, Kansas City Star, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, Des Moines Register, Orlando Sentinel and Cleveland Plain Dealer. With more scrutiny being placed on the administration by the press, it is questionable whether his message will play in any of those regions.


Chuck said...

I have ZERO hope of closing our borders under Obama. No upside for him.

Ralph Short said...

In fact his administration is now investigating the Arizona Sheriff who is defending our border. Of course, they cover their tracks with "civil rights" claims but the reality is they absolutely want open borders.

Why does the word traitors come to mind.

Tina Hemond said...

Gentlemen, the borders should have been snapped shut on 12 September 01, yet, they remained open, it's all about politics - It has less to do with immigration than safety, yet.. we (the nation) continues to ignore the obivous.

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