Friday, January 16, 2009

Steele’s RNC Whips Work To Secure Nomination and Move GOP Forward

From CNN: Michael Steele’s bid for the Republican GOP Chair has some interesting RNC Committee members working on his behalf; with most of the names released being residents of “Blue States”. Most notable are the Chairs of Arizona, California, Connecticut, D.C., Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin; states that understand what is at risk as far as membership and branding are concerned – should the GOP stand by the status quo. (Florida and Idaho Chairs are also acting on Steele’s behalf.)

What is interesting is that those who would maintain the status quo (Red State) point to Steele’s celebrity status, quasi innuendo’s regarding his finances and his “affiliation” with the moderate “Republican Leadership Council and Christie Todd Whitman, as reasons why Steele is not acceptable as a Chair Candidate. In a word – Bunk. Steele’s high profile will only enhance the RNC – having a Party Chair in the spotlight will bring much needed attention to the Party, a Chair, by the way, who is not shy about speaking up regarding social conservative values. The fact that Steele is “affiliated” with Moderate Conservatives proves that he has the wisdom to include all factions of the Party – worth noting: Moderate Republicans and Independents tend to think alike.

Case in Point Massachusetts – where Mitt Romney won the Governors chair on a Moderate Stance (pro-choice). Mitt Romney was forgiven by those fiscal conservatives (Beltway), once he made a heartfelt conversion. However, he still held the Massachusetts Governors Chair for the Republican Party - as a moderate. Should Michael Steele take the GOP Chair, there would be hope for the GOP to finally make inroads into territory that has been given up as lost for decades. To have Massachusetts and Michigan in the loop again, would be no mean feat. By promoting an Individual who will include all factions of the party, for the good of the Party, is just smart. To those ridiculous Social Conservatives whose litmus test includes that one cannot be associated with anyone related to anyone who may hold a less than far right point of view, and insist on some “righteous” notion of party purity – rethink your stance before there is no Party.

At the moment, those who are so disenfranchised with the Republican Party and its inability to see the forest through the trees (i.e. Beltway Think) are taking long hard looks at alternative political affiliations such as the
Constitution Party
and the Liberatrian Party. Michael Steele’s persona is one which would give these, as well as moderates, independents and fair minded conservatives a reason to believe that all is not “lost” – he would fight against “media perception” – which has done more damage in eight years of unopposed opposition than any other factor the GOP might face.

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Chuck said...

Good read.

I think the GOP is at a cross roads and this is probabaly one of their most important elections in a long, long while. We can go with new and shake up the party and make some noise in 2010 and 2012 or we can stick with the satus quo and wander in the wilderness for a decade.

Good points on Michigan. I don't see Michigan as much as a blue state as maybe purple. Outside of the Detroit, Flint, Ann Arbor, Saginaw corridor, Michigan is right of center. Michigan has a Republican Sec'y of State and Att'y General, neither of them centrists. We also have never failed to pass anti-abortion legislation. Finally, the Gop splits the chambers of the legislator with the Dems. I think the problem is not Michigan but the GOP. They do not really compete for Michigan.

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