Monday, January 12, 2009

Dogs in the winter – Boots offer Protection from Chemicals and Cold

With temperatures dropping below freezing on a regular basis, those of us who are dog owners, have a few options available for keeping them more comfortable and safe during the winter. Winter roads are salted after every storm, dogs paws are sensitive to the salt and other chemicals used to keep the ice off the roads – these chemicals cause pain and discomfort. The solution is to protect the dogs’ paws on the walk (allowing them to exercise) with dog boots. There are a variety of boots and styles available, ranging in price and fit, and can be found in most retail stores (pet shops and retailers that offer pet sections) and on-line.
The biggest hurdle I faced was getting my dogs to accept the boots, (Ceaser Milan’s insistence on calm-assertive dog owners, is a challenge!), once the boots were on, and the dogs out on the pavement however, the result was that the paws were protected and the dog is able to enjoy some outdoor exercise. (Video below of my Puggle adjusting to the boots.)

There is a good list of winter weather tips here: at

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