Monday, July 21, 2008

Speculation on an Obama Supreme Court Nominee

The Boston Globe has an article this morning regarding the possibility of a Supreme Court nomination for Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts and friend to Barack Obama. This is, of course, only speculation. That said, what type of justice would one expect this Harvard graduate and form Clinton administration official? It would not be a strict interpretation of the constitution by any means, judging from the legislation ripping through the Massachusetts legislature and being signed into law by Patrick’s speedy pen. A Patrick appointment would be legislation from the bench times one thousand.

In June of this year, Deval Patrick appointed Maureen Monks to the Mass. Probate Family Court , an appointment that was opposed by the Governors’ Council. Monks, a Lesbian Activist, is a founding member of the Mass. Lesbian and Gay Bar Association and pro bono counsel for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. “Yes we can.” Of course, this is just speculation, and in this year’s election cycle, speculators are predicting posts from the V.P. slot to the dogcatcher.

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