Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cruz and the Simpson Audition – Having a Sense of Humor Trumps!

Ted Cruz, 2016 GOP Presidential candidate has auditioned for the Simpsons the LA times has the video here in case you missed it. In this clip, Cruz shows his humble side – able to poke fun at himself and be contemporary at the same time – smart and actually quite funny.

It is a different side of Cruz, one that makes him more likable than not (unless one is a party progressive purist, then Ted Cruz could walk on water, and it would not be worth their time). In the 24/7 news cycle, with Isis possibly attacking on the 4th of July, Greece about to collapse the Euro, and Puerto Rico also going bankrupt, the horror stories one here’s, murder, etc. every day, regardless of where one lives, it is as if the entire world has gone insane, and yet, for a minute at least, a man who one knows is the smartest guy in the room, takes time out to be entertaining.

For a take no prisoners Cruz, look to his interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper (here) where he is comfortable in any setting and runs the interview rather well, considering that Tapper tries, and fails to get a rise out of Cruz. He stands up for who he is, and that is refreshing.

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