Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What’s in a Rural Town Hall? The potential for 20 Million Votes That's what.

Interesting little side note: the RFD-TV will begin a series of Town Hall meetings featuring Presidential Candidates for 2016 starting in this year this Rural Television network reaches the farms and small rural markets in our nation via satellite, cable and now Sirius. (RFDTV). The network boasts 50 Million subscribers, those in hard to reach areas, and those that can and do vote, if the candidate is, in some cases, correct.

One often wonders why, with all the polling, in place and the numbers pointing to an upheaval, that Romney did not fare better. After all, the 20 million Midwest evangelical voters would surely jump on board for a moderate Mormon candidate – but they did not. Therefore, this is the bully pulpit that would give candidates who fit the criteria of the Evangelical, a perfect stepping stone to a nomination and then to the Presidency. One must keep in mind that for the most part, regardless of the larger population areas being in predominately able to deliver votes for Democrats, that if the heartland truly jumps in, then they negate any gains and one finds as sweep, so to speak.

Therefore, this gives the politically minded, a good place from which to watch the response and the polls coming out of rural areas going forward.

According to Pew Research Evangelicals supported George Bush in 2000 and more so in 2004, when he ran against John Kerry. However, in 2012 estimates show that 4 million evangelicals simply stayed home, and the result was a returning President (Redstate).

Those figures of two to three million are extremely conservative numbers. Should the right, and the religious right decide to push a candidate forward both in the primaries and in the general election, then it follows that candidate should succeed in their endeavor to gain the White House. As of yet, is it too early to tell who may or may not meet their stringent criteria, however, as they are beginning to become more involved in the political processes, it may be a revival of the sorts one has not seen since Ronald Reagan was swept into office.

That would be a case where no matter how much money, or voters bused over state lines (2004 – Missouri), or negative ads or hit mailers, were thrown at the general populace, the chosen candidate would , against all odds, win the day.

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